Is ‘Fortnite’ Getting A Family Guy Skin?

Will Fortnite Family Guy Peter Griffin Skin get added or not in the game. Here's what you need to know about it.

Fortnite has always made quite the uproar when adding popular characters like Baby Yoda, Black Panther, and The Flash, etc. This season alone the game had many additions and had gotten Star Wars, DC and Marvel heroes, Walking Dead stars, the Terminator, the Predator, TRON, and now Ryu and Chun-Li on board. Now data miners have seemingly discovered a Family Guy reel in Fortnite’s code.

Which caused a huge uproar among fans many have been speculating that the game will have Peter Griffin Skin added very soon. Fortnite has had many collaborations and skin releases which is why fans have taken this sudden reveal as a hint for its possible release. Speculations of Fortnite Family Guy Skin release are being made.

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Is ‘Fortnite’ Getting A Family Guy Skin?

One of the data miners found some clips to go along with a “FrenchFry” back bling in some of the new files released in the Street Fighter Fortnite update. GMatrixGames was the first one to discover it and then released the image on Twitter. The reel shows various clips from Family Guy featuring Peter Griffin. The frames appeared to have scenes of the chicken fight he had in one of the early seasons.

Fortnite Family Guy Reel:- 

Since no official statement was made the news seems to still be in question. But if we were to consider  GMatrixGames previously track records this does not seem to be just baseless. There may be a possibility of Fortnite getting a new skin from Family Guy. Fans are in debate of what exactly is the reel gonna be used for. Many possible ways are being suggested but the most likely one would be a new skin release.

Well, we won’t know until an official announcement is made but one this is for sure that the addition of Peter Griffin into Fortnite would be an intriguing one. And the most fun would be to see how Fortnite is planning on dealing with Peter Griffin’s unique shape and what use will he be off.

It may seem like a stretch to have a character like Peter Griffin from Family Guy get added to Fortnite but who knows what fun will it have in store for us.