FNF Vs Sonic EXE Mod: Everything You Need To Know About The FNF Mod

There are plenty of mods in the game to keep things interesting.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a donationware rhythm-based game that has gained steady popularity since its release. The game involves four main characters in Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, and Mommy Dearest. Additionally, FNF has a number of other regular and guest characters that keep the game interesting. The objective of the game is to guide the Boyfriend to win multiple rap battles and impress Daddy Dearest. While the main storyline of the game is engaging enough, there are plenty of mods in the game to perk things up. One such mod is the FNF Vs Sonic EXE. If you are curious about the mod, we will discuss it in detail today.

FNF Vs Sonic EXE Mod

What Is It?

FNF Vs Sonic EXE is a Friday Night Funkin’ mod where Boyfriend ends up facing different versions of the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog. These include Sonic.exe, Majin Sonic, Lord X, as well as Sunky Sonic. It also involves the creepypasta version of Sonic which can be disturbing for some players. For the premises of this mod, the Girlfriend and Boyfriend end up in another video game. Here Boyfriend challenges Sonic.EXE to a rap battle kicking things off with a bang. It includes songs like Too Slow, You Can’t Run, and Triple Trouble in Story mode. If you’re looking for a little detour from the main game storyline, this mod is the perfect remedy for you.

FNF Vs Sonic EXE

How To Play Friday Night Funkin’?

Friday Night Funkin’ is an Indie game. So many players are wondering how they can get access to play the game. It is not available through Steam or any other major distribution platforms. However, it is very easy to play Friday Night Funkin’. Players can just play it in their browser through Newgrounds or itch.io. Additionally, players can also download the game for free through itch.io. FNF is free to play but players can choose to donate and support the game developers.

Meanwhile, FNF Vs Sonic EXE isn’t the only interesting mod in Friday Night Funkin’. Check out the list of Popular FNF Mods (2022) to explore more.