What Is Sonic.exe The Game?

Sonic.exe is a creepy and horror sonic game inspired from a Creepypasta. Here's everything you need to know about Sonic.exe and how to play.

Sonic.exe started as a creepypasta story that took a scary and bloody take on the famous character of the same name. Creepypasta stories are full of blood and gore which is the exact opposite of the setting of the original Sonic. The diversity here is what attracted people to the story so much that it inspired a 2D game as well. Sonic.exe revolves around chasing behind a bloody-eyed Sonic and stopping him from murdering various popular Sonic characters.

Is Sonic.exe Like The Sonic Show?

The answer is no, absolutely not. Game even though it 2D the game still has enough blood and gore to destroy the happy-go-lucky image of Sonic the show. The logo itself has a bloody-eyed which sets your expectation. You get to play various characters, but the aim remains the same. The controls are also like any other 2D so it won’t be difficult for players to adapt. Players should keep in mind even though it is an evil Sonic it’s still sonic they are chasing so being alert and fast is the key to the game.

The story isn’t the strong part of the game as it starts with the character in a usual 2D world but is chased by Sonic.exe into a dark bloody world. This will further lead you towards the main act of the game. Here the main character gets tortured and has to get out of it to stop Sonic. The story is good for a 2D game but falls flat as per the standards of Creepypasta. Creepypasta fans might be disappointed while the game might be a bit too dark for Sonic fans. In our final words, all we want to say is as a 2D game, Sonic.exe is good. When you get into story specifics it might disappoint so it’s more of a game and less of a good Creepypasta.

The game is available on Windows, there are some updates as well so make sure you download them as well.

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