How To Fix One Punch Man World Reconnecting To Server

Can't enter the One Punch Man World, as the screen is stuck on reconnecting to the server? Here's all you can do to fix the issue.

After The Eminence in Shadow RPG and MHA: The Strongest Hero, Crunchyroll Games, LLC is back with another anime and manga-based game, One Punch Man World. As you embark on the journey and play the role of our idle-face hero Saitama, you will be going against the famous villains from the franchise, such as Beast King and Subterranean King.

From completing chapters to side quests and biography missions, there are plenty of things to enjoy here. However, the error that stops you from logging in by getting stuck on reconnecting to the server has become a nuisance for many. Occurring mostly with Americas and Oceania Server, some players after trying a few things, were able to fix the issue with these.

One Punch Man World Reconnecting to Server Troubleshooting Tips

One Punch Man World Reconnecting to Server Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check server status: Since it is new at the time of writing, many players are becoming part of the OPM World, and this can sometimes result in overload. To make sure the issue didn’t occur for that reason, check their official X and Facebook handles. Server maintenance notices will also be posted there, so scroll and find, if any are scheduled.
  • Switch to PC: Players joining the Americas and Oceania server from the Android were able to play after connecting it to the PC version. You will find the PC version on their website. Getting the installer and downloading the game will take some time, depending on your internet speed, so you can keep trying to join the server after ten to twenty minutes, as devs might have fixed it.
  • Check storage and update: If you are playing from a mobile, you often face errors when the game is trying to download files, but cannot due to low space. It is better to keep storage of a few GBs when playing such games. Updates are also rolled frequently, so make sure that you are using the latest version.
  • Contact customer support: You will find the customer support button on the main screen, beside the Settings gear on mobile, and next to social handle icons on PC. You can also fill out the ticket and submit a request from the Crunchyroll site.

That’s all we have for resolving the One Punch Man World reconnecting to server error. If you found this guide useful, do check out our Gaming section for more.