Nintendo Switch: How To Fix Wifi Connectivity Issues?

Players get an error while connecting Nintendo switch to wifi. Here are some solutions to fix the Nintendo switch wifi connectivity issues.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles around the world. Given that it can be connected to a screen and can be used portably makes it popular among gamers. Recently many players have been facing issues connecting their Nintendo switch to their wifi. Here are some of the solutions you can use to fix your Nintendo Switch’s connectivity issues.

Ways To Fix Nintendo Switch Wifi Connectivity Issues

Restart The Router

Sometimes the issue might be with your router and not the Nintendo Switch. Players should completely switch off their router and start it again. Wait for all the lights to be back up and stable and connect your Nintendo switch again. The Switch will connect easily to the Wifi and run smoothly as well.

Change Nintendo Switch’s Security Settings

One of the best ways to fix the connectivity issues is by fixing the security settings of the Nintendo switch. On the home page click on the settings button and you will see a menu on your left. Click on the “Internet settings” button and then select the Wifi network you are connected to. Select the “change settings” option and then click on the “security” button. One of the WEP or WPA options would be already selected, players have to change the security settings to any other option. In case the issues are still looming try selecting the WEP or WPA options as well. Every time you change the settings you will have to enter the password again.

Factory Reset The Nintendo Switch

The source of the issue might be related to some software issue in the Nintendo switch. To perform a Factory reset hold the power button to switch off the console and then long-press the power and both the volume button to enter the maintenance mode. Click on the “initialize console” option and press the “ok” button to confirm the factory reset. Keep agreeing with the pop-ups and your Nintendo switch will be reset.

Restart The Nintendo Switch

In case you don’t want to take the big leap and can’t afford to lose your data you can always go this way. Long press the power button and you will see the restart option on your screen. Press the restart button and in a few seconds, your Nintendo Switch will restart.

Weak Wifi Signal

The issue can be as simple as the switch being placed a bit too far from the wifi router. Some routers only cover a certain area which is why some parts of your house might get weaker signals than others. We would recommend you to use the Nintendo switch closer to the wifi router and if possible open the doors as they might also obstruct the wifi signal.

These were some of the solutions you can use to fix the connectivity issues of the Nintendo switch.

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