How To Find Aglet In Terraria?

Want to know how to get an Aglet in Terraria? Check this guide out.

In games like Terraria, every element that you can find in the game contributes to your gameplay. No matter how small the item is, it will be useful to improve some of the stats. Similarly, there is one item in the game that you might be in search of and hence you have landed here. In this guide, you will know more about the Aglet in Terraria.

An Aglet is an accessory that is placed at the tip of your shoelaces. In Terraria, Aglet improves your movement speed by 5%. Apart from that, it can be also used as an ingredient to craft other items in the game. Well, read further to know how to get Aglet in Terraria.

How to Acquire Aglet in Terraria?

Aglet in Terraria
Picture Credits – Udisen Games

It is very simple to get Aglet in Terraria. You can collect Aglet from various crates and chests such as Pearlwood Crates and Wooden Crates. These crates are scattered throughout the game. You can find Wooden Crates in pre-Hard Mode and Pearlwood Crates in Hard Mode. Apart from that, Aglet can be used to create one other item in the game.

Alternate uses of Aglet

Aglets in Terraria can be used to craft Lightning Boots. You need the following items to forge Lightning Boots in the game.

  • Spectre Boots
  • Anklet of Wind
  • Aglet

Lightning Boots are similar to Spectre Boots, except for movement speed. The former offers an 8% additional movement speed as compared to the latter. Also, you can use Aglet along with Anklet of Wind to increase your basic speed later in the game. You can also transact Aglet in exchange for 50 Silver Coins.

Now that you know all you need to know about Aglet in Terraria, go ahead and boost your gameplay with this accessory. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to Make Obsidian Skull in Terraria and How to Get Mana Flower?