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FIFA 22: How To Check The Record In Ultimate Team?

Earlier players could see the record at the top of their screen

EA Sports came out with FIFA 22 last year and the game has been gaining steady popularity with the gaming community ever since. However, the game has undergone some updates and minor changes since its debut. One such change is moving the records display in the game. Previously, players could see their FIFA 22 record in Ultimate Team at the top of their screen. This is no longer the case. Some players might be confused about how to check their record in Ultimate Team now since it is no longer in its usual location in FIFA 22. Well, sit back and relax, as this is what we are going to discuss in the article today.

How To Check The FIFA 22 Record In Ultimate Team?


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The FIFA 22 record in Ultimate Team helps players keep a record of their in-game statistics. Players can check how many matches they have won, lost, or drawn. This gives them a better idea of how they are performing in the game and where they stand in comparison to their friends. However, after the FIFA Ultimate Team 22 Deep Dive, players noticed that their records were no longer displayed in the usual location.

EA has addressed this issue in their pitch notes but players can be forgiven if they missed the brief address. As per EA, “You may also notice the Win/Draw/Loss record is no longer in the Club information on the top left. Fear not! This is still available on the Stadium tile.”

That is it really. Players looking for the miss Win/Draw/Loss record can find it in the Stadium section. Here’s a step-by-step process explaining how to do this.


  • Start FIFA 22 on the device.
  • Choose the Ultimate Team option.
  • Go to the Stadium section under the Club menu.
  • The FIFFA 22 Win/Loss/ Draw record will be displayed here.

This is how players can easily check their FIFA 22 Record In Ultimate Team. For more FIFA 22, check out FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch Explained.