FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch Explained

What is the No Loss Glitch in FIFA 22? Find out more about the glitch that gamers used to get ahead in the game.

EA Sports has brought players a number of fantastic game series like FIFA, F1, Madden, NBA, UFC, etc. This does not mean that games from EA Sport do not encounter a few bugs and glitches now and then. The FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch is one such glitch that players have been exploiting to get ahead in the game. Today, we will explain what this glitch is and how it is helping players get ahead in the game unfairly.

What Is FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch?

The No Loss Glitch lets players back out of a match without suffering a loss in FIFA 22. Implementing this glitch is quite simple. However, players must remember that EA is banning accounts of players that have been exploiting this glitch. In a tweet addressing the glitch, FIFA Direct Communication stated that the glitch has been fixed. Moreover, players that have used the cheat to get ahead in the game were also banned in FIFA 22.

Players used this glitch by going to the home screen when losing a FIFA 22 match. After waiting for 30 seconds, they went back to the game and get kicked out for inactivity. This is where the glitch kicked in and there wasn’t any record of a loss for the payer. Players would do well to just improve their gaming skills though as this glitch has been fixed. Also, EA has banned over 30k active accounts to ensure that there is no unfair play at work during the games.

While it can be attractive to exploit a glitch and get ahead, it is not fair to the rest of the players slogging their way through the game. Therefore, it is understandable that EA would like to keep things fair and ban accounts using the No Loss Glitch in FIFA 22.

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