How To Fix The FFXIV Endwalker Error 3001?

How you can fix The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Error 3001

FFXIV has recently launched the Endwalker expansion pack and gamers are clamouring to get in on the adventure. However, all is not well as some players are being hounded by error 3001 while trying to enter the world of FFXIV Endwalker. This is the second time players are being barricaded from playing the game ad many players encountered error 2002 on the day of the launch. So what’s the error 3001 that’s haunting the Endwalker world? Error 3001 seems to have its source in the large number of players demanding to join the world.

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How to fix FFXIV Endwalker error 3001?

Endwalker 3001 error
Endwalker 3001 error

Since error 3001 is a server error rather than something at the player’s end, there’s only a limited amount that can be done. There are a few things the players can try though. The first option is to try different worlds. Alternatively, players can also try data transformation a few times. This course of action has previously solved similar problems during an expansion release.

Trial and error always lead to some solutions when it comes to bug fixes. Some players with multiple characters have stated that only one of their characters faced the issue. Meanwhile, other players reported that they did not encounter the error 3001 when they created a new character for joining the FFXIV Endwalker expansion world.

FFXIV Endwalker Expansion Pack is now available on PS4, PS4, and PC in Early Access. It will be available for all to play on December 7. The Endwalker markers the fourth instalment of the FFXIV expansion packs and will bring the main story to a conclusion. Square Enix has confirmed over Twitter that the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark will draw to a close in Endwalker. However, fans of FFXIV need not despair as it is not the final tryst. Square Enix has also clearly hinted that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.