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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Tier List – November 2022

Here is the latest and updated Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Tier List in 2022.

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a free-to-play Japanese mobile game, developed by Delightworks using Unity, and published by Aniplex. The game has been a tough competition for various Gacha Games / RPG Games in the market. In the game, you will have to make a team of six characters (Servant or team) to battle against the enemy. And the purpose of this article today is to bring you guys the latest and updated (Fate/Grand Order) FGO Tier List in 2022. You will find out which are the strongest units and which units can be ignored.

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FGO Tier List – November 2022

Fate/Grand Order is widely regarded as a very friendly free-to-play game. The game has a lot to offer to players and has features like the newest or rarest units which make a powerful team. And to do so you will have to spend the least amount of money and very little amount of effort.

The game is quite balanced and has 4 and 3-star units included in high tiers. These help in deciding the strength of the team and making battle quite fun and easy. With minimal use of resources, you will be able to achieve a great amount of progress in FGO.

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FGO S-Tier List

FateGrand Order (FGO) Tier List

The servants in this tier are the best ones that you can find in the game. You will be able to highly improve your team’s performance. You can even be sloppy with the way you build up your team if you have servants of this tier.

S-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
5-Star Zhuge Liang Caster
Merlin Caster
Orion Archer
Nikola Tesla Archer
Gilgamesh Archer
Ozymandias Rider
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Berserker
Minamoto-no-Raikou Berserker
Amakusa Shirou Ruler
4-star Chloe von Einzbern Archer
BB Mooncancer
Nitocris Caster
Mordred Rider
3-star David Archer
Euryale Archer
2-star Georgios Rider
1-star Spartacus Berserker
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Caster
Arash Archer

FGO A-Tier List

FateGrand Order (FGO) Tier List

In terms of power and combat skills, this tier servants can even give a cut-throat completion to S-tier servants in the game. For this, you will just need to be smart enough and come up with a proper setup.

A-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
Special Mash Kyrielight Shielder
5-star Altria Pendragon Saber
Nero Claudius Saber
Miyamoto Musashi Saber
Ishtar Archer
Achilles Rider
Jeanne d’Arc Archer
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Avenger
Sakata Kintoki Berserker
Katsushika Hokusai Foreigner
Meltryllis Alterego
Quetzalcoatl Rider
Edmond Dantes Avenger
Okita Souji Saber
Francis Drake Rider
4-star Emiya Archer
Atalante Archer
Helena Blavatsky Caster
Rama Saber
Emiya (Alter) Berserker
Ishtar (Alter) Rider
Lancelot Saber
Atalante (Alter) Berserker
Sieg Caster
Sakamoto Ryouma Rider
Valkyrie Lancer
Ibaraki-Douji Lancer
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Berserker
3-star Paracelsus von Hohenheim Caster
Gaius Julius Caesar Saber
Robin Hood Archer
Medea Caster
Lu Bu Fengxian Berserker
Okado Izo Assassin
Antonio Salieri Avenger
2-star Hans Christian Andersen Caster
1-star Paul Bunyan Berserker

FGO B-Tier List

Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List


In B-Tier the servants are pretty good if you have the right team build. Their potential can be excelled and increased with proper pairing and set-up.

B-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
5-star Enkidu Lancer
Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster
Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer
Nero Claudius (Alter) Caster
Sherlock Holmes Ruler
Cleopatra Assassin
Leonardo Da Vinci Caster
Xuanzang Sanzang Caster
Shuten-Douji Assassin
Brynhild Lancer
Karna Lancer
Ivan the Terrible Rider
4-star Queen Medb Saber
Ushiwakamaru Assassin
Chiron Archer
Caster of Midrash Caster
Caster of Okeanos Caster
Mecha Eli-chan Alter Ego
Kiyohime Lancer
Scathatch Assassin
Tristan Archer
Passionlip Alter Ego
Oda Nobunaga Berserker
Elisabeth Bathory Lancer
Frankenstein Saber
Gilgamesh (Alter) Caster
Oda Nobunaga Archer
Saint Martha Rider
Fionn mac Cumhaill Lancer
3-star Tawara Touta Archer
Billy the Kid Archer
Kid Gilgamesh Archer
Charles Babbage Caster
Kiyohime Berserker
Medusa Rider
Jing Ke Assassin
Avicebron Caster
2-star Edward Teach Rider
Leonidas Lancer
Eric Bloodaxe Berserker
1-star Sasaki Kojirou Assassin
Asterios Berserker

FGO C-Tier List

Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List


The servants in this tier have unique abilities and only excel in their niche class. It will be best to make full use of their niche skillsets.

C-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
5-star Vlad III Berserker
Orion Archer
Amakusa Shirou Ruler
Nightingale Berserker
Sessyion Kiara Alter Ego
Hijikata Toshizo Berserker
Abigail Williams Foreigner
Ereshkigal Lancer
Napoleon Archer
4-star Archer of Inferno Archer
Saint Martha Ruler
Suzuka Gozen Saber
Gorgon Avenger
Nitocris (Alter) Assassin
Avenger of Shinjuku Avenger
Emiya Assassin
Li Shuwen Lancer
Astolfo Rider
Medea Caster
Marie Antoinette Rider
Siegfried Saber
Chevalier d’Eon Saber
3-star Romulus Lancer
Darius III Berserker
Hektor Lancer
Henry Jekyll & Hyde Assassin
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Caster
Fuuma Kotarou Assassin
Rider of Resistance Rider
2-star Charles-Henri Sanson Assassin

FGO D-Tier List

Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List


Below average servants and it’s best that you avoid them. They have very little utility to offer and it’s best to opt for servants in the upper tiers.

D-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
Special Anra Mainiiu Avenger
5-star Altera Saber
Arjuna Archer
Ryougi Shiki Saber
Iskandar Rider
Archer of Shinjuku Archer
Osakabehime Assassin
Semiramis Assassin
Okta Souji (Alter) Alter Ego
4-star Tamamo Cat Berserker
Thomas Edison Caster
Katou Danzo Assassin
Marie Antoinette (Alter) Caster
Chacha Berserker
Helena Blavatsky (Alter) Archer
Assassin of Paraiso Assassin
Nezha Lancer
3-star Gilles de Rais Saber
Geronimo Caster
Mephistopheles Caster
2-star Musashibou Benkei Lancer
Phantom of the Opera Assassin
Caligula Berserker
1-star Mata Hari Assassin

FGO F-Tier List

Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List


This the worst class of servants and is best to be avoided. If you have to use them make sure that they are your last resort. Since these tier servants are completely outclassed by all other Servants in their respective class.

F-Tier List
Rarity Servant Class
5-star Arthur Pendragon Saber
Caster of the Nightless City Caster
4-star Stheno Assassin
Beowulf Berserker
Irisviel Caster
Assassin of Shinjuku Assassin
Gawain Saber
Medusa (Alter) Lancer
3-star Boudica Rider
Gilles de Rais (Alter) Caster

Success in battle relies heavily on in-game battle strategy if you do not have upper-tier FGO servants. It’s best for you to synergize your servants with each other. Servants have unique skills that can buff the party’s skills or weaken the enemies which makes them way more valuable. Make sure that you refer to our (Fate/Grand Order) FGO Tier List to win every battle against your enemies.