Far Cry 6: How To Unlock Chorizo, His Abilities And Rewards

Here is a guide to unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6!

Chorizo is a cute little amigo dog with wheels in Far Cry 6. He is one of the 7 amigo’s available in Far Cry 6 that work as NPC (non-playable character). Chorizo is one of the easiest amigos to unlock in the game. All you have to do to get him is win his trust and feed him with his meal. Read further to know how to do it in detail.

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How To Get Chorizo In Far Cry 6?

Chorizo is an amigo with some amazing abilities that you will find early in the game. You can find Chorizo in the Monteiro Farm on the Yara map in Far Cry 6. But before you head towards Monteiro Farm you need to complete a few tasks and missions to unlock Chorizo. Here are all the missions that you need to complete to unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6.

Follow the steps written below to unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6:

Step 1 

To begin with meet Clara at Clara’s camp and complete the few operations that she asks you to do. Once you complete all 4 operations, Clara will take you to the new Libertad island where you will meet Juan and unlock his workshop with new supremos.

how to unlock Chorizo in far Cry 6

  • DIE
  • Fire & Fury
  • Fuel the Resolution
  • Liberated rises

Step 2 

There will be more missions waiting for you at Libertad island that you have to complete before you meet Chorizo and unlock him in Far Cry 6. Here are all the missions that you have to complete when you get there.

how to unlock Chorizo in far Cry 6

  • Meet Philly: Travel to Costa De Mar and meet Philly Barzaga at his magic workshop.
  • Collect Crocodile’s Meat: Reach the dock and hunt some Crocodiles and collect their meat. You will need Crocodiles meat to prepare a meal for Chorizo.
  • Save ESPADA: Head towards Philly’s magic workshop and talk to him he will now give you the location of ESPADA. Go to the tobacco farms and save ESPADA (on the top floor of the building) and she will take you to Montiero Farm where you will meet Carlos and Chorizo.

Step 3

how to unlock Chorizo in far Cry 6

Last but not the least, complete Who’s the Good Boy? Mission in Yaran Story to get Chorizo unlocked in Far Cry 6. Meet Chorizo here on Monteiro farm near his small dog house. Find a recipe attached on the board next to it and prepare Chorizo’s meal. You will need Crocodiles meat, Black beans, and Rosewater to make Chorizo’s meal.

Once you feed Chorizo with his favorite meal you will win his trust and then he will be added your Amigos soon after that.

Rewards And Abilities That Chorizo Has To Offer:

Once you gain Chorizo’s trust you will be directed to the next quest in Yaran’s Story called Fetch Quest. Click on Accept and Track button and see what all rewards Chorizo has for you. Collect all the rewards and you will have Chorizo unlocked in Far Cry 6.

List of Rewards in Fetch Quest:

  • Supremo-Bond (Resolver material)
  • Duck meat, Hutia meat, Hare meat
  • Mysterious key (item)
  • Gun powder (Resolver material)

Abilities Of Chorizo In Far Cry 6:

Check out all the abilities of Chorizo once he is added to your amigo’s. He has an amazing ability to distract enemies with his charm that will help your character in Far Cry 6.

  • Bloodhound– With this Chorizo can distract 10 enemies at a time
  • Yes, you can– This will help you to tag 36 loot containers
  • Keen senses- You can use Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times in the game.

This is everything you need to know about how to unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6!