Far Cry 6: All Horse Locations & How To Unlock Them

Here are all horses in Far Cry 6, unlock your favorite horse and ride it in the game!

Horses are one of the most important transport vehicles in Fry Cry 6. There are plenty of different horses in Yara that can be found at various locations and later used to travel in the game. Since the game has just been launched, a lot of players are currently having trouble finding locations of horses and FC 6 and if that’s you then look no further as we have you covered.

List Of All Far Cry 6 Horses And Their Locations

Horses in Far Cry 6 can be found at multiple locations. Finding horses isn’t that difficult task over here. Once you find the horse that you want, you need to unlock them in Far Cry 6. To unlock any horse in FC6, get close to them and scan properly. Once scanned, you will have to summon them and bring them to the nearest pickup point and that’s it.

Here are all horses that you will come across in Far Cry 6:

1. La Palmera Horse

Far Cry 6 all horses locations

La Palmera Horse is available in Far Cry 6 from the start. This is Yara’s workhorse which is reliable, sturdy, and faithful than any other vehicle in the game. Unlike other Far Cry 6 horses, you would not need to find this one because it’s available since the beginning.

2. Madrugadian Horse-

Far Cry 6 all horses locations

Find Madrugadian Horse at Isla Santuario in Far Cry 6. Once you reach the location, you will see many horses in the field, go near them to scan, and then you can summon the Madrugadian Horse in the game.

3. Spanish Marchador Horse

Far Cry 6 all horses locations

Spanish Marchador is a very attractive black horse with a shiny black coat. These Horses are regular horses like La Palmera and can be found everywhere in Far Cry 6.

4. Yaran Girasol Horse –

Far Cry 6 all horses locations

Yaran Girasol Horse can be found in Conuco on the map. Head straight to the Conuco and look for Carbonell Farm. These horses are a popular variant of the “Sunflower Breed” and they are very much capable of farming as well as equestrian shows.

5. Mogeta Zebra Horse

Far Cry 6 all horses locations


Mogeta Zebra Horse is a horse that resembles Zebras in Far Cry 6. You can get Mogeta Zebra Horse as a reward in one of the operations called “Break the chain’s story” in the game.

6. El Unicornio Horse-

Far Cry 6 all horses locations

El Unicornio Horse is one of the most beautiful horses in Far Cry 6. Get El Unicornio as a reward in the “Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt”– Sierra Perdida.

You can unlock all the above horses by following the steps mentioned in the article below, except the military horses. You cannot scan the military horses but you can always summon them without scanning.

Here we come to an end for all horses locations in Far Cry 6. Check out another article on all supremo locations in Far Cry 6.