Far Cry 6: All Supremos And Their Locations

Here is every location where you can find Supremos in Far Cry 6!

Supremos are cool backpacks that are equipped with deadly abilities and can be very useful for players while fighting with enemies in Far Cry 6. These backpacks come with some amazing features and abilities that will turn out to be very useful in the game to keep enemies away and heal yourself and your allies faster in FC6.

Here is a complete guide explaining all 7 supremos, their locations, and their abilities for you to use in Far Cry 6.

All Far Cry 6 Supremos Locations Revealed

1) Exterminator

Exterminator is an assaulted supremo used to launch a series of rockets that lock onto enemies and explode on impact. This is a starting supremo backpack and it is available for free.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

2) Fantasma

Fantasma is a saboteur supremo that you can use to create chaos by spreading poisonous gas on the battlefield. This gas will turn the enemies against one another and will help you to succeed in your mission. You can buy this supremo from Juan at the beginning of Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

3) Volta

Volta is a stealth supremo backpack that can also be brought from Juan. It emits an EMP pulse that will help you to kill enemies, disable security systems, and highjack vehicles in the game.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

4) Furioso

This one is a defender supremo that emits an explosive ring that hits enemies. You can use jump and thrust forward using it in the mid-air. Buy Furioso from Juan once it is available at rank 3.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

5) Medico

Medico is also an defender supremo. Use this to self0revive and faster healing of your allies and yourself. This is available to buy from Juan at rank 4 in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

6) Gladiador

Gladiador is available at rank 5. You can buy it from Juan. Unlock this backpack to fly into a rage by boosting your speed and health. Gladiador will also help you unleash your machete kills on any enemy.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

7) Triador

Unlock Triador by completing Yaran Story “Triada Blessings” and get this cool backpack as a reward for free. It has an amazing ability to kill enemies by shooting through walls.

Far Cry 6 All Supremos Locations

Collect all the 7 backpacks and get a chance to win a trophy as a reward. This is everything you need to know about all the different supremos in Far Cry 6. Check out another article to know all the USB sticks locations in Far Cry 6.