Family Island: How To Find Correct Turtle Grotto Plates

Find correct plates in Turtle Grotto in Family Island by referring to this guide.

You can find the Turtle Grotto location on the map. In order to explore the map completely, you have to carve your way through the Turtle Grotto plates in Family Island. Finding the correct plates can be a hectic task as some of them are hollow. Hence, it is important for the players to break the right plates to proceed further.

How to Break Correct Turtle Grotto Plates in Family Island

First Area Turtle Grotto Plates
Image Credits: Fi RelaxingStyle on YouTube

In total, there are 4 areas where you will find the plates on the map. Once you click on a plate, you will be able to see an icon faintly. If you see the icon, break that plate. It will cost you 15 Energy to break one plate.

In the first area you will find 6 plates. You have to break 3 plates on the right side to reach the other side. You will find the second area just after you crossed the first one. It is bigger than the previous one and has 16 plates.

Second Area
Image Credits: Fi RelaxingStyle on YouTube

Out of the 4 rows of the plates, break the second one from your left. Continue on the same row until the 3rd plate. Now, break the one on its right side. Lastly, break the plate in front of it and you will be through with this area.

Third Turtle Grotto Area
Image Credits: Fi RelaxingStyle on YouTube

Coming to the third area, you will find 16 plates just like the previous one. Firstly, you have to break the plate on the second row from your right. Now, break the next plate in the same row. In order to move further, you have to break the plate on its left side. You are almost there now, simply break the plates in the same row and you will clear the third area as well.

Fourth Area
Image Credits: Fi RelaxingStyle on YouTube

Lastly, in the fourth area, you have to break the first plate on your right side. Then, break the next one in the same row. Next, break the one adjacent to it in the second row. Finally, continue in the same row and you will have cleared the last area in Turtle Grotto.

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