Where To Find Pink Bag In Family Island

Want to find a Pink Bag in the Adventure Event of Family Island? Read this guide to learn.

Family Island frequently rolls out events lasting from two to five days. Such as time-limited Adventure Island events giving us one of the most valuable items, Pink Bag. And here is how to find and get a Pink Bag on Family Island. The locations vary with the event. But all such exclusive event islands will have at least one bag. You would find stars, energy, gems, decorations, and more inside this pouch.

Which Event and Location Gives Pink Bag in Family Island

Hidden Pink Bag In Family Island

Pink Bags are hidden at adventure islands like Clover Island, Abandoned Scriptorium, Scriptorium Catacombs, Leprechaun Island, Fairy Island, The Keeper’s Island, and the Island of Wisdom. Explore the surroundings to find this bag, mostly hidden in the below-mentioned places.

  • Behind the bush
  • Hidden under a rock
  • Placed within a tree

The exploration would require plenty of energy. So make sure you have a sufficient amount of power before you access the mission. The items inside the bag vary from the event and can hold valuable resources like gems, decorations, and energy. According to some players, you need to go to Adventure Island. Open your storage, and scroll to rare items. And tap on the Gold Key. Then select Find it, and it will reveal the bag location containing the Golden Key.

Players would find plenty of videos and social media posts revealing the location of these bags. As they refresh and revamp with events and islands. It is best to refer to Facebook comments made under Pink Bag group posts. Follow the above link to find the FB account and press the Groups button. There you would see groups of all available Family Island languages. Join the one you speak with and check posts for locations.

Mystery Bay, Intrigue Island, and Acumen Island are three recently refreshed maps to look for hidden gifts and Pink Bag. The game’s official social media handles are very active. So following the above Facebook link for all pouch updates might be a good idea.

That’s all players need to know about Family Island Pink Bag. If this guide was informative, read our other simulation game articles, like The Sims Freeplay quests in order and Roblox Livetopia codes.