Fallout 76 Nuke Codes: How To Launch Fallout Nuke Codes? Complete Guide 2021

Here's a quick guide on How to launch nukes using Fallout launch codes and a complete explanation on Fallout 76 Nuke Codes in 2021.

Wandering what are Fallout 76 Nuke Codes? And how you can launch Fallout Nuke Codes in I Am Become Death quest? If your answer is yes then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will be explaining to you and waking you through the whole process of how you can launch nukes with the help of codes.

Fallout 76 Nuke Codes help in detonating weapons that have vast destructive capabilities in the game. In order to achieve such an explosion, you will have to go follow some steps. For these you will need launch codes as part of the I Am Become Death quest.

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How To Launch Fallout 76 Nuke Codes? – Complete Guide?

Since launching nukes in Fallout is not very simple and requires a certain extent of the process. Some of which are optional and you can go ahead and skip through. Let’s check out how you can launch Fallout Nuke Codes.

  1. To access the White spring Bunker Join The Enclave.
  2. In order to gain access to Command Center, you will have to complete ‘Back to Basic’ and ‘Officer on Deck’ missions.
  3. Shoot down a Cargobot to get a Nuclear Keycard.
  4. Search and decrypt Clues dropped by high-level enemies.
  5. Reach the Nuke Terminal after clearing out Silo Dungeon.
  6. Decide the location of detonation with the help of the terminal.
  7. Kill your enemies after exploring the blast radius.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

How Start I Am Become Death Quest In Fallout?

The first thing that you will have to do before starting to get your hands on Nuke Launch codes is to complete the below-given steps:-

  1. Join The Enclave: For this, you will have to find the Abandoned Waste Dump location.
  2. Complete ‘Back to Basic’ missions at Camp McClintock. 
  3. Complete ‘Officer on Deck’ missions at Camp McClintock. 

Once you have complete these quests you will get access to both White spring Bunker. After which you can start the ‘I Am Become Death’ mission.

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How To Get Nuclear Keycards in Fallout 76?

Once you have shoot shown a Cargobot you will be able to get NuclearKeycard. For doing this you will have to get past a fleet of Vertibots that are protecting Cargobot. You will find this almost everywhere on the map so it will be easy to spot one at random. The best part of this is that you will not require to have a high level to complete this step.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

After this find a Secure Transport Container which will be on the ground. When you follow the plume of smoke you will be able to pick the lock which will provide you with the Nuclear Keycard.

PRO TIP: Make sure to get multiple Nuclear Keycards which will be quite helpful if you wish to brute force the steps of Nuke Codes.

How To Get Fallout 76 Nuke Launch Codes?

After getting Nuclear Keycard in your possession you will have to find eight-letter and number combinations. You will be able to acquire this from high-level enemies. Scorched or Feral Ghoul officers are the most likely ones to drop these combinations. You will be able to get their location at the Enclave command center in Whitespring Bunker through a surveillance camera.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

This will take a little while since you will have three different silos, each with a different set of codes to access them. However, we have a piece of good news for you, you can skip these steps with the help of a community created decrypter. Enter any letter or number that you know of into the NukaCrypt Code Decrypter this will get you a list of all possible results.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

Check if these Keywords work. This does have a drawback and that is Nuclear Keycards are one use only – and an incorrect code will result in them wiping. Which means that you will end up having to go get another one. And according to assumptions these codes do not last for more than a week and get renewed every week during Fallout 76 Weekly challenges.

But this is not the end of the process you will have to explore any chosen silo site of enemies. You will just have to follow some other steps and use the terminal to drop the nuke.

What Are The Effects Of Nukes going Off In Fallout 76?

Every single player will witness the nuke going off that are present on the map. They will each receive a notification of the ‘mission’ taking place, adding it to your quest log, and it shows the aggressor’s name in the upper left corner. A three-minute timer will start before the missile lands in a zone and the map indicating its location. Choose one for either escaping the blast zone or move closer to check out the aftermath.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

If you are expecting that the blast will coz drastic changes into view then you are wrong. Small changes like a dense atmosphere of harsh weather will all that you will be experiencing. Also, these blasts contain radiations so make sure you have your Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask, or Power Armor on to stop radiation and mutations.

If you are wondering why you would need to explore these areas, it is simple to experience zones of higher-difficulty enemies and monsters. this will give you an opportunity to get much better resources. It will extremely helpful to drop nukes in Fallout 76 to gain benefits.

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