Evony: Best Ground Generals (2022)

Wondering which generals are best on the ground, check out this list.

Evony has been updating its general section regularly, introducing new and better generals every time. And that can sometimes make it a little confusing when choosing which general is suitable for what role from old and new ones. And it becomes even hard during SvS and PvP when your opponent has better generals. Read this article, best ground generals of Evony the King’s Return do tackle such cases.

Best Ground Generals in Evony the King’s Return

Best Ground Generals For Evony

Alexander the Great

Alexander is a king of the ancient Greek city-state of Macedonia, he created one of the largest empires known in the history of mankind. He’s an awakened epic general who costs sixty million gold.

His base stats are leadership 118, attack 120, defense 110, and politics 105.

His unique inbuilt skill is “Conquest” when at fifth star it increases march troop attack by 20% and defense and HP by 15% during alliance war.


She’s a daughter of Raged King and she’s known as the “Mother of All Dragons”. She’s an awakened general that can be found in other sections of portraits and she costs sixty million golds.

Her base stats are leadership 119, attack 114, defense 112 and politics 113.

Her unique inbuilt skill is “Dragon’s Song“, when at the fifth star and leading with any dragon she increases mounted troop and ground troop HP by 10%, ground troop defense by 10% and ground troop attack by 20%.

Maeda Toshie

He was a leading general following the Sengoku period to the Azuchi-Momoyama period. He’s an awakened epic general, who can be found in the Japan section of portraits and costs sixty million gold.

His base stats are leadership 113, attack 115, defense 121 and politics 111.

His unique inbuilt skill is “Yari no Mataza” when leading an army he can increase ground troop attack by 35% and ground troop and mounted troop HP by 30%.

This is a list of the best three ground generals that you can use in Evony the King’s Return. Check out more such articles on how to increase general power.