Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Puppeteer Build

If you want to manipulate your foes in Evil Dead: The Game then the Demon Puppeteer is the one for you.

The Demon Puppeteer is otherwise known as Eligos, the Demon Of The Mind. It is the most difficult demon class to master out of the three Kandarian Demons. With a floor that is almost as high as the character’s ceiling, being a newbie that wants to try out new things can be hard. We’ve got to admit though, the Puppeteer sure has a lot of great, cool skills. This Demon is one of the easiest ways to get survivor teams to quit before the game even starts. Using its Elite units, it can make playing the game a literal hell. However, playing him can also be difficult and so here is a guide on the best Demon Puppeteer Build in Evil Dead: The Game.

Skills for Puppeteer Demon in Evil Dead Game


Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Puppeteer Build

To master the Puppeteer, you have to understand some of the basics of being a demon in Evil Dead: The Game. Which obviously are:

  • Internal Energy is your key to survival as it builds up your threat level.
  • Setting up traps everywhere is going to lead you to guaranteed victory.


Since internal energy helps you build up your threat level, it is the first thing that you need to grab as you start your game. On the other hand, traps slow down survivors and eliminate those that are weak in the game. This is apart from the rest of the other important Internal Upgrade points that you have as is. As your threat level gets higher, keep on upgrading your Basic Portals and Possession as well. These are key to destroying the Survivors.

As the Puppeteer Boss, you have these stats:

  • Defense 3/5
  • Damage 4/5
  • Speed 3/5
  • Abilities 4/5


Your Passive Skills will include:

  • Inability to be knocked back
  • Can be stunned when its balance is fully depleted
  • Will be invisible while moving

And finally, here are the different actions that the Puppeteer Boss can do in Evil Dead: The Game:


  • Light Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Telekinetic Surge
  • Casting Stones
  • Psycho Squeeze

Best Demon Skills to Focus on Puppeteer Build in the Evil Dead Game

Now that we have that out of the way, here is how you can make a great build for the Demon Puppeteer in Evil Dead The Game:

  • This class relies on possession so it makes sense to use that ability to the fullest
  • Focus on possessing the berserker (basic) and elite units in the game instead of just survivors.
  • The main goal of the Puppeteer is to overwhelm the Survivors with units as well as through ranged attacks.
  • Since your defense as the boss is only 3/5, it is ill-advised to be fighting against the Survivors head-on.
  • The Elite unit is immune to bullets so use it for hunting survivors. These are survivors that are good with guns and are interested in shooting you down instead of a good ol’ bludgeoning.
  • Apart from that, in the skill tree, you should focus on upgrading skills that inflict a ton of damage like Shock and Awe, Insane Clown Posse, High Voltage, Demonic Demolition, and Berserker Blowout.
  • Other skills to pay attention to are the Head Start and Infernal Revenue, this gives you a significant advantage in the game. You will start off with a high amount of Infernal Energy from the get-go as well as increase the amount of energy collected from the orbs themselves.

Once you focus on these skills, you should be able to become indestructible in the game. Let us know if this guide has helped you create the most terrifying Demon Puppeteer in Evil Dead The Game. Even though he is one of the toughest to control when you understand these basic principles, all else should fall into place.

Skills to pay Attention to For A Great Puppeteer Build

Here are the top skills that you need to pay attention to in the skill tree in order to get a great Demon Puppeteer Build in Evil Dead The Game.

  • Levelling up the first whole row in the skill tree is not to be compromised as it is mandatory for victory.
  • Between the second and third row of the skill tree, you either choose both or skill up one row completely and the other only partially. However, at least one of the two needs to be completely upgraded.
  • In the second row, Heavy Damage: Elite, Scarier Demon Dash and High Voltage are must-haves.
  • Prison Rules, RockSteady: Elite and Gates of Hell: Elite are not too important in this row.
  • Now, you can either go for the whole of the third row or just Demonic Demolition and Power Surge.
  • In the fifth row, the Head Start and Fear Factor help you gain that advantage that you need to get ahead of the survivors early on in the game.
  • Getting the Wicked Fast skill from the sixth and final row is not a want but a need. Your build is incomplete without it.
  • Infernal Revenue and Lurking In The Shadows however are not that important in the game.

That’s it from us! While you’re here, why don’t you check out this article on the different game modes in Evil Dead: The Game.


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