What are the Different Game Modes in Evil Dead: The Game?

Love the game but have no idea which modes are there in Evil Dead: The Game?

Whether you’re a multiplayer gamer or you prefer some quality solo action, Evil Dead: The Game has something for you.  The game has been predicted to be one of the biggest horror titles in 2022. Beating even the crowd favourite, Dead by Daylight that dropped earlier this year. But how many game modes are in Evil Dead: The Game? This guide will help you find out which of the modes exist in the game. As well as which of these is best suited for you.

Different Game Modes On Evil Dead: The Game

Different Game Modes On Evil Dead: The Game

There is a game mode for everyone in Evil Dead: The Game. For those of you who love story over just gameplay or those of you looking for a new mode to play in the game, here are all of the game modes.

Play As A Survivor

Play as a survivor in teams of 4 each as you take on demons coming after you. Ready to take all of the demons out, four survivors come together to beat their demonic counterparts.

Play as the Kandarian Demon

You don’t always have to be a good person. And that is okay. Simply go after these non-demonic beings as you try to kill them before they kill you.

Play as Survivor vs AI Demon

Don’t feel confident enough to go against the real deal? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds as you fight AI Demons with real survivors by your side.

Play Solo

Tired of the amateurs coming after you when they suck at the game themselves? Well, then solo is the way to go! Simply enjoy the game as a solo player and try to win against AI Demons with AI Survivors by your side.

Private Match

Tired of randoms coming in the way of a good time? Play with at least one friend and enjoy Evil Dead: the game together in this game mode.


Play solo as Ash and friends in the short side missions of the game. This mode in Evil Dead: The Game allows you to play the game and learn the mechanics better. Even though you can’t play on it for long,

Sure, you could play the same game over and over again but is it really that fun when you know what’s going to happen the 46th time? You’re right, Evil Dead: The game is a masterpiece and playing any of these modes is always fun. This was our guide on which game modes are available in Evile Dead: The Game. While you’re here, check out this one on all demons in Evil Dead: The Game.