Epic Seven: Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 Guide

Want to know about Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 in Epic Seven? Check out this guide.

Among the many game modes of Epic Seven, there’s one mode that is highly competitive. And that game mode is the Labyrinth. Labyrinth has various sections to play and clear before you start the next one. If you’re searching to know about Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 in Epic Seven, you’ve landed in the right place.

We have covered the details of the level in this guide for your reference. All you have to do is read along with this guide and learn more about it in the game.

An Overview of Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 in Epic Seven

Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 Epic Seven
Picture Credits: DrkDraggonz66

The Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 in Epic Seven is called Frostproof Valley. And you can access this area by completing Great Farche Labyrinth Area 5. Once you’ve managed to go past the previous area, you can unlock Area 5 of Nixied Sanctum.

In order to grab all three stars at this level, you need to clear 3 objectives. They are Clear Area 5, Persuade Challenger Dominiel, and Listen to Elisia of the Ice. Now, similar to the other areas of the labyrinth, there will be a map for your reference. One way or another, you have to clear each lane on the map.

You have to clear the lane by fighting the enemies or collecting the necessary items along the lanes. To navigate properly, there are several checkpoints placed on the map. The moment you pass a checkpoint, the area explored will be saved.

In total, there are 9 boss fights in this area and 10 enemy fights. You can roam through the map using the direction pointers displayed at every crossroad on the map. Remember, unless you go through the portals placed on the map, the area you explore will not be saved.

So, make sure to enter the portal before your team succumbs to the wounds. Or else, you will have to play the whole area all over again. This is the overview of Nixied Sanctum Zone 5 in Epic Seven.

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