Epic Seven: How To Get Kikirat V2?

Find out how to get this Light Knight in E7.

Epic Seven is an animated RPG where players can collect a number of Heroes to accompany them on their adventures. While some Heroes are easily obtainable, others are a little trickier. Kikirat V2 is one such 3-star Hero in Epic Seven. If you want to add this Light Knight to your collection, find out how to do so in this guide.

How To Get Kikirat V2 In Epic Seven?


Kikirat V2 is High-tech machinery that is modeled after Gigantes. It is a great Hero for PvP and can do exceptionally well in Guild Wars as it offers constant counterattacks. This unique tank consistently dispels enemy buffs and prevents the team from taking the full brunt of the enemy’s damage. In addition, it also offers Hit chance debuffs. These can dispel the damage taken by the team by forcing enemy attacks to miss. This Hero can work exceptionally well against players that are not well-versed with its kit.

This Capricorn sign Hero is excluded from the Summons and cannot be summoned that way. Kikirat V2 was offered as a limited-time reward in Event Map Drop. Unfortunately, that remains the only way to obtain this Hero in the game. Since the Event for Kikirat V2 is no longer active, there is currently no way to get it in Epic Seven.

It has become something of a limited edition Hero in E7 and is no longer available for new players. You should keep an eye out for future Events that offer this Hero as a reward. Epic Seven announces any upcoming Event in the game on its social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If Kikirat V2 ever makes a return to Epic Seven, you are sure to learn about it beforehand.

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