Epic Seven: Best Team To Defeat Queen Azumashik Hell Raid

What is the best team to defeat Queen Azumashik in an Epic Seven Hell Raid?

Queen Azumashik is one of the toughest Epic Seven bosses to beat in Hell Raid. You will need a strong and well-strategized team to defeat this boss. In this guide, we will discuss the best Hero types and Team compositions that you can use to beat Queen Azumashik and progress further faster.

Epic Seven Queen Azumashik Hell Raid Team Guide


To defeat Queen Azumashik quickly, you will need Buff Dispel. It is quite important to dispel Queen Azumashik’s Buffs early in the game as you need to keep your health above 50% to avoid extra attacks from Queen Azumashik. You will also need a Cleanser in the team to cleanse Debuffs.

It is always good to have a Single Target Damage Dealer as you will first need to take out Minions and then the Queen quickly. The longer Queen Azumashik is allowed to survive, the more damage she gains. This is why it is best to finish this fight as quickly as possible. You will also need a Healer in the team to rapidly restore health. It is advisable to have a Defense Break on the team.

You can rely on Iseria for Buff Dispel and Defense Break. Angelic Montmorancy is a Cleanser and Healer that also provides an Immunity Buff. Lorina is a Single Target Damage Dealer who would be helpful in eliminating Minions and Queen Azumashik quickly before the team sustains too much damage. Another good option to have on the team is Charles who can deal damage as well as Buff Dispel.

The important thing to focus in this Hell Raid is taking out Queen Azumashik before she can wield too much damage. Your chances of winning slim down as the fight stretches on. So, it is best to treat this as a time bound fight.

That is everything you need to know about the Epic Seven Queen Azumashik Hell Raid Team. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Use Phantasma In Epic Seven?