Epic Seven: How To Use Phantasma?

What is the most efficient way to use Phantasma in E7?

Phantasma can be used as fodder to promote your Heroes in Epic Seven. This is why it is quite important to collect them in the game. You can get them through the Forest of Souls or through Events and Adventure. In this guide, we will explain how you can use Phantasma in Epic Seven to optimize your Heroes.

How To Use Phantasma In Epic Seven?


There are three types of Phantasmas in Epic Seven: Mega-Phantasmas, Giga-Phantasmas, and Tera-Phantasmas. Each of these can be used to promote your Heroes. Apart from this, Phantasma can also be used for Hero Transmission or as EXP fodder. Let us understand each of these uses a bit better.

Hero Promotion

This is the most straightforward and efficient use of Phantasma in Epic Seven. You can use Phantasma as fodder to promote your Heroes. Different types of Phantasmas can be used differently in E7. For example, a 4 star Tera-Phantasma can be used to promote Heroes to 5 star and then further to 6 stars. Similarly, a 3 star Giga-Phantasma can be used to promote Heroes to 4 stars and beyond. A 2 star Mega-Phantasma can promote Heroes to 3 star and can help them climb up till 5 star.

Hero Transmission

Another use of Phantasma is to use them in Hero Transmission. However, you will need a lot of Phantasmas to make any remarkable difference with this method. Using this method will allow you to convert Phantasmas to Gold Coins and Silver Transmit Stones if they are above 3 stars.

EXP Fodder

Finally, you can just use Phantasma as EXP Fodder to get extra EXP. This method is the same as using Penguins. However, the EXP gained from using Phantasmas for fodder will be lower that what you will get by using Penguins.

This is how you can use Phantasma in Epic Seven. We hope this guide was useful to you. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Iela Violin In Epic Seven?