Epic Seven: How To Get Iela Violin?

Iela Violin has become quite popular due to its skill effects.

Iela Violin is a 4-star Artifact that is exclusive to the Mage category in Epic Seven. It was originally released as part of a side story in the game and has gained a lot of popularity since then due to its skill effects. If you are curious to know how you can get the Iela Violin in Epic Seven, this guide is the one you need.

How To Get Iela Violin In Epic Seven?


Iela Violin is popular amongst players as it can dispel a buff from the enemy after attacking. In its base form, Iela Violin has a 40% chance to dispel one buff from an enemy after attacking. Its Base Atk and Health stats are 14 and 51 respectively. At its max level, this artifact has an 80% chance of dispelling a buff. For max level, the stats of this Artifact are 182 Atk and 663 Health. This Artifact works best with Heroes like Champion Zerato, Celestial Mercedes, Zerato, and Dominiel.

Earlier you could get Artifacts like Iela Violin and Crimson Seed through PvE events. You could farm these Artifacts from random drops in the game. However, it is no longer possible to attain Iela Violin in the game. Since all the events that could reward you with the Iela Violin artifact in the game are no longer active, there is no active way to get it.

That being said, Epic Seven has previously revived events that offered the Iela Violin as a reward. This could be due to its immense popularity with the players. So, you just need to be on the lookout for a new event that offers this Artifact. You can keep a check on all the latest events coming up in Epic Seven by following their social media handles.

That is all about the Iela Violin in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Yuna Fast In Epic Seven?