Epic Seven: How To Get Yuna Fast?

Yuna can be quite a useful support attacker in Epic Seven.

Yuna is a 5 star Ice element Ranger that can prove to be quite versatile in Epic Seven. She is classified as a support attacker. You can use her in Wyvern teams, Abyss towers, or Labyrinth raids to optimize your team’s chances against the enemy. If you wish to add this Hero to your team, check out the guide below.

How To Get Yuna Fast In Epic Seven?


There are two ways to obtain Yuna in Epic Seven. You can either complete the Connection Tasks for her or obtain her through Covenant Summons. We have explained both methods below briefly.

Covenant Summons

It is possible for you to pull Yuna from the Covenant Summon. To use these summons, you will need Covenant Bookmarks. Each summon costs 5 Covenant Bookmarks. In addition, you also get a free summon each day. However, this method will take a lot of attempts before you can acquire Yuna. Moreover, it is possible to get Yuna for free in the game so you shouldn’t try to pull for her using this method.

Connection Tasks

You can get Yuna for free in Epic Seven if you complete the Connection Tasks for her. One of these Connection Tasks will include reaching Friendship Level 3 with Hazel. You will, of course, need to acquire Hazel first to start this quest. Once you do, you can earn Friendship points by doing 1-5 run or level her to get to that level. By completing the Connection Task, you will not only get Yuna quickly but also without wasting any resources to attain her.

We recommend competing the Connection Tasks to get Yuna in Epic Seven. This method is quick and free making it the best value for your time and resources. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Epic Seven guides, check out What Is The Use Of Zodiac Signs In Epic Seven?