Epic Seven: How To Choose Compatible Equipment?

Want to know how to pick Compatible Equipment in Epic Seven? Check out this guide.

While playing Epic Seven, you have to make sure that your hero is fully equipped with the necessary gears to clear the levels. It is important to be fully prepared as if you miss your chance, you may have to play the whole level from the start. Thus, we have explained how you can choose compatible equipment in Epic Seven for a hero.

If you want some more clarity regarding the same, you’ve landed in the right place. By referring to this guide, you will get a better judgment of selecting the right equipment for the right hero to maximize the potential. Read along with this guide to learn all there is to know about the same.

How to Pick Compatible Equipment in Epic Seven?

Choose Compatible Equipment in Epic Seven

In order to determine which one is compatible equipment in Epic Seven for your hero, you need to look into the stats of the hero. Some heroes are meant for offensive gameplay while some of them are better at defense.

For example, if you’ve obtained Mercedes, you’ll notice that the attack stats are higher than the defensive stats which means that this particular hero can deal more damage. Hence, offensive gear will do wonders if equipped. On the other hand, Krau’s defense stats are better than the attack stats. Thus, it seems that defensive equipment is the right choice for this hero.

There are various sets of equipment that you can collect. In total, there are 7 sets which are as follows.

  • Attack Set
  • Critical Set
  • Defense Set
  • Health Set
  • Hit Set
  • Resist Set
  • Speed Set

If you’re adding the whole set of equipment to your hero, it makes all the difference to the performance. It is obviously better than equipping gears from different sets. Referring to the above example, if you equip Mercedes with the Attack Set of equipment, the end result will be amazing.

You can enhance your equipment to increase its level to optimize the hero’s true potential. This is all you need to know about how to choose compatible equipment in Epic Seven.

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