Epic Seven: How To Beat Mortelix?

Want to defeat Mortelix in Epic Seven? Check this guide out.

One of the best things about boss fights is the sweet rewards that you claim upon victory. And when you’re playing Epic Seven, these rewards seem well-deserved and earned. The boss fights in this game are an edge-of-the-seat experience and many times it feels that you won’t get past this one. If you’re struggling to beat Mortelix in Epic Seven, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this guide, we have mentioned a few tips that you can use while battling against Mort in the game. Read along with this guide once before entering the boss fight.

How to Beat Mortelix in Epic Seven?

beat Mortelix in Epic Seven

You will face Mortelix as a boss in Episode 3, 4-9. Mort is a Knight of Earth element in the game. If you’ve tried earlier but couldn’t beat Mortelix in Epic Seven, this is your chance to seize victory.

He has 3 skills Extermination, Absolute Dignity, and Advent: Mortelix. His S1 is sharp and has the potential to deplete your defense for 2 turns. While using S2, Absolute Dignity, he becomes immune to stun and sleep and can counterattack to defend himself. Also, there’s a 40% chance that the Sacred Blessing move will be initiated.

In this move, the Critical Hit resistance is fueled and the movement speed also increases. Lastly, in his S3, Advent: Mortelix, he attacks the entire party and restores his HP for the next 2 turns. The damage he inflicts will increase depending on his max health. Below, we have mentioned a few tips for your reference.

  • Use Attacks to Deplete HP
  • Add Soul Weavers to Debuff
  • Use Healer to Restore HP

Use Attacks to Deplete HP

To carry this plan out, you need a good Attacker with 2 Support heroes. Use your skills whenever possible to downgrade his HP bar and take over the boss fight as stunning him can go in vain if he used S2.

Add Soul Weavers to Debuff

So, basically, you have to attack his weak link and try to debuff him whenever you can. For this boss fight, you can use Soul Weavers. It is important to debuff him before he can use his skills to snatch the advantage from him.

Use Healers to Restore HP

It is essential to have one healer by your side to restore your HP when Mort uses his S1 and S3. Consistent efforts can help you if you could last long against him.

These are some of the tips you can use to beat Mortelix in Epic Seven. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to Beat Darkness Possessed Zio in Epic Seven? and How to beat Straze 6-10?