Dislyte Wish Stickers: What Are They And How To Get Them

Club members can post and complete a daily Wish Card in Dislyte

Dislyte is a pop-fantasy RPG that is set in the urban future. The game is an audio-visual treat for players with its compelling music and breathtaking graphics.

Players will get to fight it out alongside heroes that possess godlike powers in the game. Players can also band together in a Dislyte Club to complete Club Tasks and complete a Wish Card by collecting Dislyte Wish Stickers.

What are Dislyte stickers and how can players use them to complete Wish cards in the game? Let us find out below.

What Are Dislyte Stickers?


As a member of a Dislyte clan, players can do a number of activities with their clan mates that can give them rewards and exclusive items. One such thing that club members can do is post and complete a daily Wish Card. A Wish Card needs to from one of the elemental classes like Inferno, Flow or Wind. Once posted a Wish Card cannot be changed. Therefore, players must consider the Wish Card before they post it.

Players can proceed to collect 3 Dislyte Wish stickers from the same elemental class and redeem that specific Wish Card reward. Reward for completing a Wish Card include 4-5 random Record Fragments from the same elemental class as the Wish Card. Players might also get the Shimmer Record Fragments as a reward.

How To Get Dislyte Stickers?

There are multiple ways to get Dislyte Stickers in the game. Players can get them everyday from Club Sign-ins, Daily Tasks, and the Friendship Shop. These stickers can be used by the players themselves or players can choose to donate them to other club members. This will speed up the process of completing the Wish Card considerably.

Once players have completed the Wish card, they can go to the  posted Wish Card and claim their reward.

That is all about the Dislyte Wish Stickers. For more Dislyte content, check out How To Sell Relics In Dislyte?