Dislyte: How To Sell Relics

Do you got some extra Relics with you & want to sell them? Here's how you can do it.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know what are Relics and how to sell them in Dislyte, we’ve got you covered. Relics are materials that are engraved on the Espers to upgrade their Stats in order to give them extra power and effects. There are 5 types of relic groups that provide different types of power and effects, some are very rare and some are easy to get. You can obtain these Relic pieces from Ritual Miracles where the player has to defeat the Bosses, but there are also easier ways to obtain them, which are via Events, Relic Forge, Cube Miracle and etc. If you think your Esper is strong enough and is upgraded to its fullest, then you can just sell the extra Relic pieces easily. Here’s how you can do it.

picture credit: Zoxaskun Dislyte

How Can I Sell Relics In Dislyte

You can upgrade and use Relics, and also invest in them. But if you think you’re Esper is already powerful and selling some extra Relic pieces will do no harm to you, then just go for it.

Follow these steps if you want to sell Relics:

  • Enter your Dislyte game.
  • Then Open your Inventory and go to relics
  • After that just Select the Relic pieces you want to sell
  • Then just Click on the Sell button and you’re good to go.

Selling only Shoddy and Gold relic pieces is highly recommended.

Types of Relics

In Dislyte, there are 5 types of Relic groups .

  • Shoddy – These Relics are not that useful, they only have main stat and no sub stats. These Relics are not recommended to be used by any players.
  • Good – Beside the other main stats, these relics only have one additional stat. As per the name it’s a pretty good Relic, and you can also invest in them but the choice is yours.
  • Elite – These Relics have 2 sub-stats and is very commonly used by the players. It is recommended to invest in them.
  • Superior – These Relics are one of the best Relic group. These relics are very rare to find. Using them are highly recommended if you’re able to get any.
  • Flawless – As per it’s name, these group Relics are truly Flawless and also very hard to get. You can use or invest in them without any doubts.

These are the types of Relic groups which you’ll see in the Dislyte game.

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