All Dislyte Pop Quiz Answers (2022)

Here's a sneak peak at the correct answers to ace the quiz.

Dislyte is a stylized urban mythological RPG where players get to control heroes with  godlike powers. The game often introduces new events for its players. The Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz event is one such event where players can earn rewards for getting the right answers in the quiz.

Even if players get a wrong answer they can try to get the next question right. So far, the Dislyte Pop Quiz only has one question but there will be three questions in total during the event. Let us take a look at the right answer for the released question.

Dislyte Pop Quiz Answers


Players will have until July 12 to get the right answers and earn cool rewards in Dislyte. Each question will be available for two days before it is replaced by a new question. The questions are expected to be about mythology and mystic figures.

To answer a question, players will need to meet at least two of the following requirements. They will have to spend 200 stamina, clear the Cube Miracle, complete two Bounty Missions, and login daily. Let us now get to the answer.

Day 1 Dislyte Pop Quiz Answer

Question: In mythical stories, Amunet is closest to which of the following Gods?

Answer: Amun

The upcoming questions are expected to be in the same vain. They will test a player’s knowledge of Greek, Egyptian, Roman, or other mythologies. However if you do not know the correct answer to a question, you can simply visit this article again. We will be updating the answers as more questions release in the game.

Dislyte Pop Quiz Rewards

While answering with the right response will get players better rewards, the wrong answer will also give a consolation prize of sort. Those who get the correct answer will get Gold Record x1. Meanwhile, those with the wrong answer will get Nexus Crystals x100.

That is all about the Dislyte Pop Quiz Answers. For more Dislyte content, check out How To Promote Esper Star Rating In Dislyte