How To Promote Esper Star Rating In Dislyte

Promoting Esper Star Rating can give players more powerful heroes in Dislyte.

Dislyte is an urban mythology game where players get to battle with Espers. Espers are heroes that are blessed with the powers of gods. Their powers are granted by patrons from Greek, Norse, and many other such mythological gods. In addition to battle, players can also promote their Esper Star Rating to make their character more powerful in Dislyte.

 How Can Players Promote Esper Star Rating In Dislyte?



Players need to power up their Espers to get ahead in the game. Espers grow more powerful as their level and Star Rating increase in Dislyte. Players can know the Star Rating of an Esper by the number of stars on the profile. The Star Rating is also directly linked to how much players can level up their Esper.

The level cap and star ratings decide how powerful an Esper can be. A 1 star Esper can only be Base level while a 2 star Esper can be leveled up to 20. For 3 star Espers, the level cap is 30 and for 4 star Espers it is 40. Moreover, if players have a 5 star Esper they can level up to 50. To completely max out their Esper’s level at 60, player will need a 6 star Esper.


To promote Esper Star Rating in Dislyte, players will need to fuse the Espers with similar heroes or Starimon of the same star rating. Find out more about Starimon with Dislyte Starimon: How To Get And Use?

If players want to promote a 2 star Esper to a 3 star Esper, they will need two 2 star Espers or Starimon. This will continue in a similar pattern as the star levels rise. For promoting 3 star Espers to 4 star players will need three 3 star Espers or Starimon. Similarly, to convert 4 star Espers to 5 star, player will require four 4 star Esperor Starimon. Lastly, if players want to convert a 5 star Esper to 6 Star, they will need five 5 star Esper or Starimon.

This is all about how players can promote Esper Star Rating in Dislyte. For more Dislyte, check out the Best Starters In Dislyte.



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