Disgaea RPG Connection Error – How To Fix It

The article discusses the Disgaea RPG connection error. Keep reading till the end.

I understand it’s a huge bummer not being able to play or launch the most awaited Disgaea RPG which is the mobile variant of the highly popular Disgaea series – a tactical RPG available for PC gamers. Let’s find out what’s the deal with the Disgaea RPG connection error.

How To Fix Disgaea RPG Connection Error

Disgaea RPG, a spin-off to major hit Disgaea Series (DS), is the fresh release on android & iOS devices which many of the DS fans were eagerly waiting for. A large proportion of the elements, as well as the protagonists Laharl, Valvatorez, and Killia, are drawn from the PC version in order to provide the players with similar gameplay.

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However, only a few days after its release, the game began to cause issues for players, and if you are experiencing the Disgaea RPG connection error, you have come to the right place.

Many players have reported communication or connection errors in the game. Take a look at the following complaints posted on Reddit.

Communication Error. from DisgaeaRPGMobile

Does this game not work on bluestacks? ”Communication error” every time I launch from DisgaeaRPGMobile

The above two complaints clearly tell that Disgaea RPG communication error appears no matter the device or internet you use.

How To Fix?Disgaea-RPG-Connection-Error

The game’s download button is inaccessible, restricting all players from playing the game regardless of platform. Many players considered common quick fixes such as reinstalling the game, clearing the game cache, updating router settings, changing DNS, and so on. However, these efforts were in vain.

This proved that the Disgaea RPG connection error isn’t from the user end but from the developer end. Thankfully, developers have listened to the complaints & officially promised to fix them from their end as soon as possible.  Here’s what the developers have posted on Reddit,

Connection problems. from DisgaeaRPGMobile

In the post, creators have said that the issue is been resolved for several players. They also provided a way to send your problems to them & get them addressed. Simply open the Disgaea discord, go to the disconnection information & send your problems in writing. That’s it!