Disco Elysium Builds – Best Skills To Download For Your Character

Here's the definitive guide to the best Disco Elysium character builds.

Disco Elysium belongs to the RPG genre, but it is not a standard title in that genre. It is far more intriguing and unique hence no wonder it’s an award-winning open-world RPG. Since you play as a detective with a skill system at your power and a whole city to navigate, character creation holds more importance. This is because your character skills determine your faith in the game. So, here I present the best Disco Elysium character skill builds.

Disco Elysium – Character Skill Builds

Skills influences how your character views his surroundings, the people he deals with, and even how the story progresses. Skills can help you solve a case, but your build helps you accomplish it more intellectually. With a final cut out now here are the best builds for venturing into the complicated secrets that lurk in this alternate-1970s town.


1. Good Cop

Coordination and amazement are Good Cop’s defining skills, but there are numerous other important skills for this build. Before we get into that, keep in mind that two attributes are multiplied by four, resulting in a greater value for skills. While skills from the other two attributes may be enhanced by clothing, thinking, alcohol, and stimulants. Other helpful skills for Good Cop include the following.

1. Rhetoric, suggestion, composure, reaction speed, technique, and drama.

  • To connect with people effectively.
  • To detect lies.
  • To convince them.
  • To get extra replies.

2. Visual analysis and awe

  • To gather as much information as possible for the investigation.
  • To investigate criminal scenes.
  • To get a vision for correct witnesses, evidence.
  • To get assistance with hypotheses.

3. Authority and brute force

  • To fear criminals.
  • To have power over everyone.

4. Esprit de corps

  • To fully understand your partner and colleague in the field.

5. Encyclopedia and perception

  • To discover fascinating facts concerning Revachol and its population.

2. Bad Cop

Bad Cop, too, needs other useful skills in addition to primary skill authority if you want to develop the finest builds for him in Disco Elysium.

1. Authority, brute strength, and composure

  • To create a character foundation.
  • To keep disrespect at bay.
  • To behave rudely
  • To break the people
  • To increase aggression.

2. Coordination and speed of reaction

  • To successfully engage in battles and shootouts.
  • To hit the target.

3. Toughness and pain threshold

  • To regain energy.
  • To obtain immense strength.

4. Technical 

  • To deal with technical devices.
  • To get dialogues in irrelevant situations.

3. Addicted Madman

Inner empire is an identifying skill of Addicted Madman. This build, like the one mentioned above, should be equipped with additional valuable skills. Technically, you should create the most amusing and worthless officer in the whole Revachol.

1. Inner Empire

  • To interact with inanimate objects and corpses.

2. Electrochemistry

  • To get substances such as cigarettes and alcohol addiction.

3. Dusk

  • To turn paranoid.
  • To commit an idiotic act.

4. Conceptualization

  • To think about anything else but criminal cases.
  • To look for life purpose, life meaning, and real name.

4. Standard Builds

Because the properties in the starter builds are not clearly defined, and you don’t want to miss a crucial aspect of the plot, it’s advisable to avoid such builds.

5. Universal Builds

This build is only for experienced players. If you are new to this game and have only recently begun, your skills are likely to be the lowest. You may also miss out on a large number of passive tests and associated material. This will make it more difficult for you to carry out universal builds in Disco Elysium. However, if you are seasonal who has gathered sufficient understanding and appropriately uses the game’s potential, you will almost certainly pass more active tests while failing passive ones.

6. Focused Builds

As a beginner, you may have a shot with this build, but it is not the ideal match for you. In addition, this build is for when one of the numerous characteristics is tuned to 6.

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If you’re looking for anything particular, this is the build for you. The purpose of such builds is to start with a high skill level and pass challenging passive checks. However, you will heavily reduce your content from other skills.

Bottom Line


To develop one of the greatest Disco Elysium builds you must go for either Good Cop or Bad Cop. Besides that, Addicted Madman should be explored too. It will however not check for your success, but the fun and entertainment is unmatched, therefore it’s a must try.