Outriders Talent Calculator: How To Plan Skill Tree & Builds

Here's the ultimate guide to Outriders best character build and skill tree plan.

Outriders — a third-person shooter — was released only last month and quickly took the gaming community to new heights. The adventure-action RPG brilliantly combines features from three genres to provide video gamers like you with a memorable experience.

To enhance gameplay, developers are actively adding new features, the most recent of which is a talent calculator. You’re likely informed of this and curious how it helps to plan build and skill tree in Outriders. Don’t worry, if you stick with me till the end, you’ll find out everything.

Outriders Talent Calculator Guide

With this new addition, you can not only build a whole new character but also evaluate each one. Aside from that, it helps in the farming of legendary gears, which boosts the character to the next level and makes them highly competitive.

The talent calculator introduced a talent tree from the game that included all four classes: Technomancer, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Trickster.  To start with, we’ll first take a look at the Outriders skill tree plan and then move towards the best build.

Outriders Skill Tree

The logic behind the talent calculator is simple. For starters, it assists you in planning skill tree growth, which eventually provides you with an understanding of required character development builds.

You’re now wondering how it can support you in determining the build for your character. When you use the talent calculator, you get 20 skill points in the node slot. This way you can plan character build in Outriders.

Skill Tree Plan


The skill tree plan is decided by the class you use. Here’s the plan for all four classes.

  • Technomancer –  Pestilence, Tech Shaman, or Demolisher.
  • Pyromancer Ash Breaker, Fire Storm, or Tempest.
  • Trickster Assassin, Harbinger, or Reaver.
  • Devastator – Havoc, Colossus, or Anomaly Reservoir

Note: This is just an idea you may plan depending on the character you have or need to upgrade.

Outriders Build Plan

Choosing a character has never been simpler. The calculator has a dedicated build section that allows you to plan ahead of time before beginning the game. As seen in the image below, you can monitor the character statistics for damage, DPS, crit stats, skill cooldown, and so on.


With this, you can quickly predict your weapon’s ability based on many mod strengths. Also, cooldown time helps you to schedule attacks to your advantage.

That’s all about the Outriders build and skill tree plan. I hope you found the guide useful. For more guides like this kindly engage here.