How to Get Dhalia in Dislyte

Here is how you can get Dhalia and enter into the Ripple Dimensions in Dislyte.

While there are many Espers in Dislyte, choosing the right one can be a task. There are four main roles in the game and building the right balance between them can be difficult if you don’t have the right members in your squad. While Attackers may seem to be the best, Support Espers are crucial to winning the match. These Espers provide great offence and debuffs that can help your squad. One of the best at this is Dhalia. Which leaves everyone scrambling to get her soon. Grab your chance and get Dhalia by getting into the Ripple Dimensions in Dislyte through this guide.

Best Way To Get Dhalia (Calypso) in Dislyte

How to Get Dhalia in Dislyte

To get Dhalia, you will need to earn her through the Ripple Dimensions in Dislyte. Here, you will challenge her quite a few times as a boss Esper before you are able to actually get her. Did I say few? I meant to say a lot. You have to challenge Dhalia at least 40 times before getting enough Dhalia Ripple fragments. And she doesn’t appear every time you get into the Ripple Dimensions. But we believe in you! Dhalia appears often enough to be farmed efficiently. If you want to learn how to enter the Dislyte Ripple Dimension and get Dhalia, scroll down.

Ways to Enter the Ripple Dimensions in Dislyte?

Follow these steps to enter the Ripple Dimensions and challenge Dhalia in Dislyte:

  • Go to the Trials Tab
  • Now scroll till you get the Ripple Dimensions game mode
  • Enter the Ripple Dimensions

The mode rarely ever spawns so beware. And it only spawns for a limited period of time as well. When a Ripple is generated, the friend that created it will be notified. Then in fifteen minutes, the same will go to the Global chat. Once players click on the notification there, they can join. But be quick! Fight Dhalia in the Dislyte Ripple Dimensions and win. You’re not going to be able to stay in this dimension for long.

If you want to create your own Ripple Dimensions then you can do so by farming Ritual and Sonic Miracles. Change your setting to Multibattle. If you can’t find it then just look to the bottom of the challenge. This is better than simply running through 10 battles at a time. Even though it will take some time, you can create and join your own Ripple Dimensions. Now, you can challenge Dhalia and collect her fragments without anyone else in Dislyte.

This was our guide on how to get Dhalia and enter the Ripple Dimensions on Dislyte.  If you liked this article then check out this one on how to get Clara in Dislyte.