How to Get Clara in Dislyte

Here is how you can get and play Clara in Dislyte easily.

While there are a ton of characters to choose from on Dislyte, some are too powerful. And then there is the other end where the characters are just too weak. But How does Clara, a legendary character fare among these? If you want to get Clara but don’t know how to do it nor how to unlock or play her then you are in luck. Here is your guide on how to get Clara in Dislyte and the perks of this character.

How You Can Get Clara (Hera) in Dislyte

Guide on How to Get Clara in Dislyte

To get Clara in Dislyte, you will need to make sure that you first have your own account. After that, you will need to open quite a few packs before you can actually get her.

But, if you’re going to create a new account just to get her as that free Legendary, well… don’t. I know, she really is good but is she good enough to use your free pass on? I wouldn’t agree. I’d say that you should save that for an actual S or SS Tier character instead. For all of the Dislyte Clara fans out there, we’re sorry. But it is what it is.

What Are Clara’s Abilities?

Clara can remove debuffs from her allies when they are the target in Dislyte. And if there are no debuffs on this target? Well, they become immune. As part of her great healer abilities, when the health points exceed max HP, they turn into a shield instead. Another fantastic perk is that she can restore the health of the teammate with the lowest HP. For those of you looking for this feature, it is called the ‘Queen’s Blessing’.

As a healing Esper in Dislyte, Clara can often be overlooked as unnecessary or as necessary only in the beginning. But in a team, we know that fighters aren’t the only important members. You need to make sure that you are able to heal your fighters as well.

This was our guide on how to get and play as Clara in Dislyte. If you liked this guide then why don’t you check out this one on Dislyte Wish Stickers.