Dan The Man: Tips & Tricks To Play

Want to learn how to play Dan The Man? Here are some tips and tricks.

In this guide, we have explained a few tips and tricks to play Dan the Man. If you’re new to this game, you can learn a lot by referring to this guide. To put things into perspective, the gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario Bros. Check out this guide to know more.

Tips & Tricks to Play Dan the Man

There are multiple modes that you can play in Dan the Man. You can play the Main Story mode, Adventure mode, Survival Mode, and Multiplayer mode. Now, before you start playing them main story, you have to complete the Prologue. The below strategies will help you to get familiar with the gameplay and progress faster through the levels.

  • Stay Away from Water
  • Clear Checkpoints
  • Fight Enemies
  • Collect Gold
  • Break Objects
  • Look for Secret Areas
  • Eat Food
  • Grab Weapons
  • Keep Upgrading Characters

Stay Away from Water

Keep Away from Water
Tips and Tricks to Play Dan The Man

This is one of the first and foremost tips and tricks to play Dan the Man. Stay away from water, because that will deplete your health. Albeit, it doesn’t consume much HP, jump enough times and you might lose a life.

Clear Checkpoints

Save Checkpoints

Fortunately, if you die midway, there are checkpoints that save your time and progress. The distance between the two checkpoints is not much. So, you can go through a couple of checkpoints in one go. Even if you quit the game midway, you will get an option to resume your gameplay from over there.

Fight Enemies

Fight Enemies
Tips and Tricks to Play Dan The Man

There is plethora of enemies and bosses that you will encounter throughout the levels. When you defeat enemies, they will drop gold coins or food. Focus on collecting these resources as they are an essential part of the gameplay.

Collect Gold

Collect Gold

Gold is one of the currencies used in the game apart from gems. Even if you collect gems, they will automatically get converted to gold. Gold is used to upgrade the stats of the character. Hence, collecting gold is one of the important tips and tricks to play Dan the Man.

Break Objects

Tips tricks and Strategies to play Dan the Man

There are a lot of breakable objects that you can smash. Upon breaking objects like vases, chests, etc. you will be able to collect bonus resources. Also, make sure to break the statues you come across. You will have to watch an ad after that but you will also get free rewards.

Look for Secret Areas

Explore Secret Areas

There is at least one hidden area in each level. And you have to find secret areas while playing the levels. These areas contain free resources and a bunch of enemies waiting to ambush you. Either way, you will get extra resources.

Eat Food

Play Dan the Man

You will encounter certain dishes, such as meat and apple, floating in the air. These food items can restore your HP. If you notice your HP has depleted, find and eat food to re-energize your character.

Grab Weapons

Grab Weapons

Apart from the traditional hand-to-hand combat, you will get Shurikens, Knives, and Guns to fight enemies. You have to collect them whenever you spot these weapons.

Keep Upgrading Characters

Tips and Tricks to Play Dan the Man

You must ensure upgrading characters from time to time as it will make your gameplay smoother and you will advance further in the game easily.

These are a few tips and tricks to play Dan the Man. You can try these tricks in your gameplay and progress through the levels faster.