Cult Of The Lamb: How To Beat Kallamar?

Want to defeat Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb? Check out this guide.

Cult Of The Lamb is a new action-adventure game which has one of the toughest bosses to deal with. The main antagonists of the game, the Bishops are quite powerful and need efforts to defeat. In this guide, we have covered how to defeat Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb.

Kallamar is one of the four Bishops, the Squid Bishop. He is one of the strongest and hardest to defeat among the boss fights. So, you will need to put a tad more efforts to be victorious. Well, read along with this guide to know more about him in the game.

How to Beat Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb?

Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb

Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb, has 2 phases and you have to beat both the phases to win the boss fight. Having said that, each phase of the Squid Bishop has different attacks and tactics. So, you will have to be alert while playing against this villain.

In the first phase, Kallamar uses his sword and fire balls as his weapons. Upon getting in a certain radius of him, he raises his sword and drops it on your character which deals immense damage. You have to observe his movements and counter them while you still have time. Additionally, he throws fire balls so you have to keep an eye on the blazing ball and dodge it. His body is circled by the a bunch of fireballs too, so keep away from him.

Kallamar also summons a battalion of Crab Minions which can deal considerable damage. Coming to the second phase, he uses Singular Physical attack and Shotgun blasts. Again, observe his tactics and improvise your attacking technique and look for a weak spot.

It is plausible that you might not succeed in winning this boss fight. Attempt multiple times if necessary to defeat Kallamar in Cult Of The Lamb. This is how you can beat the Squid Bishop. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to Bury Body in Cult Of The Lamb and How to Increase FPS on Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch?