Top 5 CSGO Trading Sites To Buy & Sell Skins (November 2022)

Here are the best CSGO trading sites for skins and cases.

CSGO is one game where trading is widely popular due to its huge collection of skins and cases. The game has a huge player base and is one of the most popular games out there. Skin trading is one of the things that has gotten very popular because of CSGO. There are many platforms where people can buy skins, exchange skins, and trade. So here are the best CSGO Trading sites.

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There are a lot of skins to look out for in CSGO, some of them are even priced in thousands of dollars. Some people even buy skins just to sell them for a profit later. Due to trading have such a huge community, various sites have come up where you can buy and sell skins for CSGO. This also brings up the risk of scammers and incorrect market value. We researched and found the safest CSGO Trading sites for you.

CSGO Trading Sites

Top 5 Best CSGO Trading Sites – November 2022

1. Steam Community Market

This is one of the best options you have and the safest one too. Steam offers a market of its own to sell and buy CSGO in-game items like skins, cases, etc. The only disadvantage of making purchases from the Steam market is due to the prices. Since it is an official service, steam charges larger commission rates.


If you go to you’ll come across this website where you can purchase a number of things. On this site, you can actually purchase cases with real money. You can open those cases to get specific skins and even earn bonuses. The best part about the site is that it comes with an odds calculator so you can calculate your odds of getting a good skin or an expensive item. There’s a huge range of skins on this website.

3. DMarket

You can trade skins on Dmarket in a safe environment and at a fair price. It is the largest and most legitimate marketplace for gaming skins. Since the site launched in 2017, its user base has been growing steadily. A major benefit of using this website is the price comparison of skins offered. The price tag for many skins on this website is much lower than what it is on Steam. Consequently, those who are interested in some cheap skins can easily buy them from here.

4. Reddit

There is a whole subreddit on Reddit that is called r/GlobalOffensiveTrade where more than 200,000 users trade skins and cases. They do have moderators who are third-party people between the trade to make sure no scams happen. The prices are fairly good on Reddit but occasionally you might end up paying higher for a thing that didn’t deserve that cost. Another reason why it’s not high on our list is that even though there are moderators, you can still get scammed.

5. CSGO-Skins

This site has almost 3 million users that use the website. According to the statistics on the website, they’ve paid out about $3,338,913.62 till now. You can connect your steam account to this website and then deposit your skins and sell them. They have a trading section where you can buy things too and also open cases. The upgrade skins feature on the website also lets you upgrade your current skins.

These are the Top 5 CSGO Trading sites according to us that are safe to use for skins and cases and more! Read here for Operation Riptide.