CSGO Operation Riptide Update – New Knives, Maps, Game Modes & More.

Here is everything about the new Update Patch in CS:GO Operation Riptide.

CSGO has put out an update on September 22, 2021, called Operation Riptide. This is the most exciting update so far for all Counter Strike Global Offensive! There is so much new to look out for. From new skins, weapon buffs, new maps, modes to a whole new operation pass system. Players can complete new challenges every week and take part in the Operation Riptide update.

Everything new and exciting about the CSGO Operation Riptide Update!

The New Operation Pass

CSGO Operation Riptide introduces the new Operation Pass which is the one thing needed to take part in this new update. On purchasing the operation pass, you can earn Stars by completing weekly missions. Those stars allow you to buy rewards from the Operation Shop!

Mission Coins

When completing weekly missions, you can earn stars. The more stars you earn you get different coins for that. Starting with the Bronze coin on buying the Operation Pass, you can upgrade your Coin. You can display these coins on your CSGO Profile.

  • On Reaching 33 Stars you can upgrade from a Bronze to a Silver.
  • When you get 66 Stars you can upgrade from Silver to Gold.
  • On getting 100 Stars, you reach Diamond Coin.

Brand new Private Queue

This new feature allows you to create a private queue for all your friends. Simply generate a code and send it to your friends. You can play solo or teams on a private queue. If you have a steam group, you can directly invite your whole steam group to a private queue.

All the New Game Modes in CSGO Operation Riptide

Along with the new Private queue, there are major updates in some of the game modes.

Competitive Matchmaking now has a Short mode. There will be 16 match rounds in short mode and 30 in long mode. You can also choose to have no preference. New Deathmatch modes have been added which are Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all Deathmatch. You can now play in teams and the first team to get 100 kills wins. Free for all is where all players are your enemies. Updates have been made to Demolition mode and Arms Race.

Operation Shop – What is it?

When you earn stars after completing challenges, you can redeem those stars in exchange for rewards in the Operation Shop. There are plenty of skins, patches, stickers, and even the Operation Case you can purchase.
Note: The shop only unlocks for you if you have purchased the Operation Pass. Without the Pass, you are unable to earn stars and redeem them. You may still complete weekly missions without the pass.

Operation Riptide Weekly Missions in CSGO

There are 16 weekly missions in total which is the whole Operation. Each week new missions are unlocked. You can check the status of the missions and look at the checklist on the main Operation Missions page. The first Week Mission gives you 10 Stars on completion. The rest of the missions will give you 6 stars per week just like the previous Operations in CSGO.

You may complete the missions first and then purchase the Operation Pass before the end of 16 weeks.

CS:GO - Operation Riptide Update

CSGO Weapon Buffs and Weapon Nerfs

  • The Deagle body damage has been reduced in this update. Deagle is a very commonly used weapon and this nerf is truly going to make things more competitive.
  • The M4A1-S has been buffed to increase body damage.
  • The cost of the Dual Elites has been reduced. So there are great chances of seeing a lot of this around.
  • Grenades are now just like any other weapon and can be dropped.

New Maps in Operation Riptide CSGO

5 new maps have been added to this update.

  1. County
  2. Basalt
  3. Ravine
  4. Extraction
  5. Insertion II

These maps have been removed from the official Matchmaking

  1. Grind
  2. Mocha
  3. Pitstop
  4. Calavera
  5. Frostbite

Updates have also been made to some of the favorite existing maps like Dust2, Inferno, and Ancient. Things are looking very competitive and this should make or break your gameplay.

CS:GO - Operation Riptide

New Agents & Skins in Operation Riptide in Counter-Strike

There are a lot of new agents that have been added. Agents like Guerrilla Warfare Terrorists, Frog Men CT, French Gendarmerie are all of the new skins and agents we’re going to see after this new update.

There are 4 new collections of skins that have also been released in this update. They are,

  • The Train Collection
  • Mirage Collection
  • Dust 2 Collection
  • Vertigo Collection

To view all the weapon skins, click here to check the official CS:GO website!

How to buy Operation Pass for Operation Riptide in CSGO

You can buy the Operation Pass from Steam for 1,140 INR or $14.99. Simply go on the Counter Strike Global Offensive Store page on steam and purchase it from there. You can also click on Buy Operation Pass in the game. Operation Pass is also tradeable. So if you have a friend that wants to buy the pass for you or if you want to buy it for someone else, you can simply trade them on steam.

This was everything in the new CSGO Operation Riptide Update! Hope you enjoyed this article. Check out this Snakebite weapon case article here.