CS:GO Snakebite Weapon Case Explained

Snakebite case is the latest release on the CS:GO marketplace. Here's everything you can get from the Snakebite case in CS:GO.

CS Go is the OG multiplayer shooter and has been able to maintain its dominance even after the battle royale wave. The marketplace was introduced a bit later but since its introduction, the developers have been adding new skins, weapons, and everything else. Snakebite case is the latest addition, let’s dig deeper and know everything about the Snakebite case in CS:GO

Contents Of The Snakebite Case In CS:GO

CS:GO Snakebite case
The Snakebite case has 17 new weapon skins and 24 new gloves (refer image). These also include the operation Broken fang special gloves as well as rare items, which means the probability is low but there is still a good chance you can get these.

To get the snakebite case items all you have to do is go to the in-game store and you will see Snakebite cases at the top. Click on any of them as you won’t know which specific item you are buying until you open the box. Right-click on the Snakebite case and you select the “unlock the container” option. Once the container opens you will get to know the skin or glove you got. The price of the Snakebite case will depend on what you get from it.

All the Snakebite case items can be immediately re-sold on the Steam market. Even though you can sell these items immediately you won’t be able to trade them immediately. Players will have to wait for a week after buying it to be able to trade it.

The Snakebite case includes 2 covert skins, 5 restricted skins, 3 classified skins, and 7 mil-spec grade finishes. With such different skins and broken fang gloves, the snakebite case has gathered good hype around it.

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