All About CSGO Danger Zone Ranks – What Are Ranks?

Here is everything about the Danger Zone ranks in CSGO and what they are.

CSGO is one of the most competitive FPS games we have seen. It has a very lengthy ranking system with almost 18 ranks for competitive gameplay and 40 profile rank levels. To most CSGO Players these ranks matter a lot as they determine who they play in the server with and they even show up on your CSGO profile. A new ranking system was introduced to CSGO Danger Zone mode which is basically a Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 18 players enter the game and battle it out to the last man standing while trying to find equipment.

Here is a list of all the CSGO Danger Zone Ranks

Symbol Ranks
Lab Rat 1
Lab Rat 2
Sprinting Hare 1
Sprinting Hare 2
Wild Scout 1
Scout 2
Wild Scout Elite
Hunter Fox 1
 Fox 2
Fox 3
Hunter Fox Elite
Timber Wolf
Ember Wolf
Wildfire Wolf
The Howling Alpha

CSGO Danger Zone Ranking System

The different thing about the CSGO Danger Zone Ranks is that the ranks are determined based on your performance in each game. The game also does not put you in a match with players of your same rank, you can be in a match with anyone who has performance like yours. This eliminates smurfs in the game and makes the game mode more enjoyable.

The ranking system itself is a little confusing because no one knows how exactly it works for each player. The ranked CSGO Danger zone mode is actually only available for Prime Players while the unranked can be played by all. To get your initial Danger Zone rank you need to win 3 matches.

How to get better at CSGO Danger Zone?

To get a hang of the Danger Zone mode, players should start off by playing the Duo mode or the Trio mode rather than solo. This will help you learn from your teammates and also teach you strategies. There will always be equipment that will work the best in the Danger Zone mode so try to find what works the best for you in your type of gameplay. Always check the special missions while playing Danger zone as you can earn additional rewards for completing them.

This was everything about the CSGO Danger Zone Ranking System. Find out more about the competitive ranking in CSGO here.