CS:GO Ranking System Explained – How To Rank Up & More?

Here are all the CSGO ranks explained along with details on how you can start playing ranked games.

If you have recently started playing CSGO or even if you have been playing for a long time but need to figure out the ranks in CSGO, this guide is for you. In order to rank up in competitive mode, you must know all CS: GO ranks. It also depends upon your rank in CSGO as to what players you’ll be playing with.

Improving in ranks takes a lot of practice in aiming, and you need to make sure you win every single match. Your rank can even go down if you lose matches.

What are all the CSGO Ranks?

The ranks mentioned below are from the highest to the lowest of the groups.

Ranks Symbol
The Global Elite
Supreme Master First Class
Legendary Eagle Master
Legendary Eagle
Distinguished Master Guardian
Master Guardian Elite
Master Guardian II
Master Guardian I
Gold Nova Master
Gold Nova III
Gold Nova II
Gold Nova I
Silver Elite Master
Silver Elite
Silver IV
Silver III
Silver II
Silver I


How to get your CSGO Rank?

In order to get your initial rank in CSGO, you first need to be level 2. You can become level 2 by playing any of the game modes. Upon reaching level 2, you have to compete and win a total number of 10 matches. Only after you win 10 games, you will be assigned a rank. You can be assigned any rank from a Silver I to a Legendary Eagle Master.

After earning your initial rank, you can now play as many competitive matches as you want. You will always be matched with players 5 ranks below or 5 ranks higher your rank except for when you play with your friends in a premade team. Every time you lose a match, your rank might drop. It is unsure how the ranks are calculated however KD plays no role in rankings. All you have to do is make sure you win the games.

CSGO Ranks

Meanings of the Ranks in CSGO


Players with the silver ranks are usually newly ranked players or smurfs. Getting out of the silver rank is really difficult as the game is always a mixture of new players trying to start out in competitive and old smurf players making the gameplay really hard for them. Silvers are usually still learning all the game mechanics and won’t be considered pros.

Gold Nova

The maximum number of players in CSGO ranked are all in Gold Nova. These players are not new like the Silvers but they’re also still figuring the economy in the game. These players have great knowledge of spray patterns for guns, recoils, and better recoil management.

Master Guardians

These are the skilled players in CSGO. Most of these players have their own way of playing and their own lineups in CSGO. They have great aim, know eco very well, and are also more advanced gameplay-wise.


All the pros in CSGO fall above this rank. These people are basically trying to now reach the Elite rank. They barely ever lose a game, have great aim, they can handle recoil really well, and have been playing this game for hundreds of hours.

This was all about the CSGO Ranks. Here are some of the CSGO crosshairs that you can try.