What Is The Story Behind The CSGO Bomb Code – Theory or Real?

Are you wondering if the bomb code in CSGO means something? Here is everything about it.

The number 7355608 is something every CSGO fan knows in their hearts. This is the CSGO Bomb code that shows up on the screen while arming the bomb. Can these numbers mean something or is this just a random string of numbers in the game?

Many fans have created theories based on this, and many say that there is no theory or logic behind the numbers. We did some digging into this and found lots of theories. The original theory originated from VaKarM user Jo Le Rigolo. He created a thread on the forum creating a theory where he translated the numbers to L33t speak to get a code. His theory however did not go very far however on reading it, we might have found the clue to complete it.

CSGO Bomb Code Theory

We took the bomb numbers 7355608 and entered it into an L33t speak translater and got tessboB. You can assume that the small b is a 6 and the 8 looks like a capital B. If you reverse the word it becomes Bobsset which can then be assumed to be Bob’s Set.

CSGO Bomb Code

Now, you’ll be thinking who is Bob? We thought the same. However, it is actually not supposed to be a name. It almost spells the word Bomb which it is. The letter M is missing. This was the exact theory that was mentioned on the VarKarM forum. However, we found the M. In Counter-Strike Source, the M was right on top of the Bomb. If you look closely while planting the bomb, you’ll see an M on the device in the bottom right corner. The letter M is actually difficult to decode in L33t speak so it would make perfect sense to just write it separately. However, in the CSGO, the M does not appear on the bomb anymore.

CSGO Bomb code

No one has actually confirmed this theory however it is a very interesting and intriguing theory! CSGO is full of easter eggs and we will not be surprised if the CSGO bomb code is in fact an easter egg and not just a string of random numbers. We hope this was fun and interesting for you to read. Here is the CSGO ranking system all explained.