Best CS:GO Launch Options 2022 – Boost FPS, Optimal Settings & More

Make these changes in your settings and launch CSGO for the best experience ever!

Launch options are the setting done by the individual player on their system to experience CS: GO smoothly on their device.  It is not necessary that all CS: GO players will be using a similar gaming system to play games. Therefore, to get the best out of your system you can use these best launch options settings and enjoy CS: GO with better performance, boosted FPS, increased tick rate to get an overall best experience.

Read further to know what all alterations you need to do for the best launch options in CS: GO.


Best CS: GO Launch Options 2022

Here is a step-wise guide to getting the best launch options in CS: GO. Make the necessary changes and experience CS: GO in the best way possible.

1) Open your Steam account.


2) Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) in the left side menu and right-click on in.

3) Next, click on properties, a new window will pop up.

best launch options CS:GO


4) Find the Launch Option box at the bottom of the window.

5) Now type the command depending on what changes you want to make after referring to the table explained below and hit the enter button to apply the settings.

best launch options CS:GO


All CSGO Launch Options

Here is a full list of best and working launch options that everyone can use depending on exactly where they want to improve their CS: GO. Select launch options according to your system and make the desired changes. Do the alterations to improve your gameplay and experience CS: GO at its best!

SR Launch Option Description
1 autoconfig This is used to set the default launch settings.
2 cl_forcepreload 1 This is used to preload models.
3 console This option is to open the console automatically as soon as you launch the game.
4 d3d9ex This is used to improve the performance of CS:GO by reducing CPU memory usage.
5 disable_d3d9ex This is used to disable DirectX 9Ex.
6 exec (filename)  This is used to execute all commands in a specified file.
7 forcenovsync This is used to force stop Vsync.
8 fps_max (amount)  This is used to set your FPS to the maximum amount automatically.
9 height (height) This is used to set the height in the game.
10 high This is used to run CS:GO on high priority.
11 language (language name) This is used to launch CS:GO in your preferred language

Eg- “language english”

12 limitvsconst This is used to limit hardware vertex shader constants to 256.
13 mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 This is used to disable fancy blending of textures, that make the game’s textures appear less detailed.
14 no-browser This is used to disable the in-game browsers.
15 noborder This is used to removes the border from windowed mode
16 nohltv This is used to turn off all the TV features.
17 nojoy This is used to drop the joystick support.
18 nopreload This is used to prevent auto preload in the game.
19 novid This is used to skip the introduction in the game.
20 r_dynamic (0 / 1) This is used to disable dynamic lighting in the game.
21 _r_emulate_g This is used only for windows 10 PC to help boost FPS.
22 refresh (Refresh Rate)

This is used to change the refresh rate of the system. The refresh rate (in Hz) is how many times per second your monitor will update.

(Set any number between 60Hz to 144Hz depending on your system)

23 softparticlesdefaultoff This is used to remove particles from feathering.
24 threads (amount) This is used to set the number of processor threads that the game will use
25 tickrate (Tickrate) This is used to set the ticket rate in CS:GO. Eg- tickrate 128
26 violence_hblood 0 This is used t remove blood from the game
27 width (width) This is used to set the width in the game
28 windowed This launch option is used to forces CS:GO to start in windowed mode.
29 x (position horizontally) This is used to set the position of your CS: GO window on the X-axis of your monitor.
30 y (position vertically) This is used to set the position of your CS: GO window on the Y-axis of your monitor.


Refer to the steps mentioned above in the article and type or copy-paste the launch options to set the best launch options in CS: GO.

That’s all for this one check out another article to learn how to open the console in CS: GO.


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