Moon Rabbit Cookie Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom(CRK)

Want to know about Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? Check out this guide.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are various types of cookies scattered throughout the Cookie World. And in this guide, we have covered the Moon Rabbit Cookie in CRK. It is one of the cookies that you can add to the battalion while fighting enemies.

Moon Rabbit Cookie was introduced in the Heart of Courage and Passion update, along with Sonic and Tails Cookies. She loves only one thing the most and that is Rice Cake and has this never-ending craving for rice cakes all the time. Well, in order to know more about how to get this cookie in the game, read along with this guide further.

How to Get Moon Rabbit Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

get Moon Rabbit Cookie in CRK

Moon Rabbit Cookie is an Epic cookie and can be obtained in the Gacha. She is a Defense cookie and her vantage position is in the front row. However, there is around a 0.51% chance of getting the cookie in the gacha, but you can try multiple times. Apart from that, you can also use Cookie Cutters or Crystals to draw Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Alongside the Gacha, you can also collect the Moon Rabbit Soulstones to summon the cookie. You can get the Soulstones in the World Exploration Dark Mode. Now that you know how to get the cookie in CRK, you might as well want to know how powerful she is.

She has a Skill which is called Giant Rice Cake Bunny. While using this skill, Moon Rabbit transforms into a giant rice cake bunny and jumps around the enemies dealing continuous damage to them. Also, she doesn’t take much damage while using the skill.

Her skill has a 14-second base cooldown. Apart from that, it heals the allies once all the enemies are defeated. Also, she has a self-healing rate of 160% of the damage taken. This is all you need to know about Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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