How To Count Pity In Genshin Impact? (November 2022)

The Pity Count in Genshin Impact balances out a player's chances of a rare pull

Genshin impact is an action RPG where players can unlock characters to build their dream team. However, unlocking the characters you want can be quite a challenge in this game. Players spent countless hours trying to get their favorite characters but it doesn’t always work out. The Pity Count in Genshin Impact is meant to increase the chances of a player pulling out a rare, 5-star banner.

What Is The Pity System In Genshin Impact?


As the name suggests, this system takes pity on players that haven’t had a rare pull for some time. Since there is no guarantee of a 5-star pull in the game, players might spend a lot of wishes only to be disappointed with the characters you pull. However, the pity system brings about a balance to the draws rather than leaving them completely up to chance. With the help of this system, the chances of players pulling out a rare 4-5 star character increase with each pull.

There are two rarity classes to the pity system. Players get a pity wish at 90 where they are guaranteed to pull a 5-star character. Meanwhile, there is also a soft pity wish at 70. Players aren’t guaranteed a 5-star pull with this but their chances are quite high. Moreover, players are assured to win a 4-star pull in the soft pity wish pull even if they don’t win the big jackpot.

How To Count Pity In Genshin Impact?

Now that players know what the pity system is all about, they might be wondering if there is a way to count pity in Genshin Impact. While there is no straightforward method to do this, there is a way to know the pity count in the game. Players will need to go to their banner’s history to do this. Here, they must count all the wishes that they have made since their last 5-star pull. Whatever the number, that is the player’s pity count in  Genshin Impact. Whenever players get a 5-star character, the counter resets. This is also true for 5-star characters from the Standard Banner.

This is everything players need to know about how to count pity in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin Impact content, see How To Download Genshin Impact On Windows 10?