How To Complete That Fishy Feeling In Palia (Friendship Quest)

Elouisa gave That Fishy Feeling in Palia, which got you stuck? Here is how to finish this Friendship Quest.

Everyone gets that fishy feeling in Palia when they learn more about Elouisa. It is a Friendship Quest, which you unlock after reaching a certain level of friendship with her. Though its task is pretty straightforward, completing it can be a hassle. Besides, sometimes you wouldn’t get the quest, even after reaching higher than the required level, or just wouldn’t get to deliver what she asked for. So, apart from guiding you through the main tasks, we have put the solution that worked in those cases.

Elouisa’s theories range from simple imagination to bizarre stories, often disagreed by Caleri, her twin sister. She has a passion for knowledge and a less orthodox way of pursuing it. Which will make you go all over the Kilima and Bahari looking for bugs to aquatic animals. So, if you are stuck in this, here is how to easily finish its tasks.

All About the Elouisa Quest That Fishy Feeling in Palia

Elouisa Quest That Fishy Feeling in Palia
Use bubble ripples to catch Star Quality fish in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

After you have reached level 3 of friendship with Elouisa, head to her home or track her on the map to meet her. This time, when you talk with her, she will tell you that the Brightshroom you gave her has run away. The conversation will eventually lead to her asking you to collect fish. Even though she never mentions it during dialogue, she needs 5 Star Quality Uncommon fish. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t settle for anything less than that.

Uncommon fishes are everywhere from the ponds of Kilima Valley to the coast of Bahari Bay. Luckily, not all need bait. You just have to check the below list and find the bubble ripples in those spots to catch some. Channel Catfish is one of the easiest to get, as it isn’t very fast in comparison to others.

If you don’t see the dialogue to talk with Elouisa after collecting items or while looking for the quest, then there are only two things that worked for most. First, you can talk to her while she is sleeping in her room. Yes, disturb her. If that doesn’t work, complete a few main quests, check your mailbox, and talk to her after some in-game days.

Once you have finished the quest, she will give you 1 Major Safe Zone Size Booster, which you can save and use while fishing for Fathead Minnow. Afterward, you will also get Elouisa’s Key through the mail.

All Uncommon Fishes

  • Kilima Lake
    • Enchanted Pupfish: Glow Worm
    • Prism Trout: Worm
    • Striped Sturgeon: Worm
  • Kilima Rivers
    • Channel Catfish: No Bait
    • Freshwater Eel: Worm
    • Indigo Lamprey: Glow Worm
    • Kilima Greyling: Glow Worm
    • Rainbow Trout: No Bait
    • Stickleback: Worm
  • Ponds
    • Cantankerous Koi: No Bait
    • Mirror Carp: Worm
    • Stalking Catfish: Glow Worm
  • Caves
    • Bat Ray: Worm
    • Crimson Fangtooth: Glow Worm
    • Umbran Carp: No Bait
  • Bahari Coast
    • Barracuda: No Bait
    • Cactus Moray: Glow Worm
    • Ribbontail Ray: Worm
  • Bahari Rivers
    • Chub: Glow Worm
    • Cutthroat Trout: Worm
    • Dawnray: No Bait
    • Duskray: No Bait
    • Honey Loach: Glow Worm
    • Paddlefish: Worm

With this, we wrap our Palia That Fishy Feeling quest guide. For more topics like this, be sure to check our dedicated section and visit the Games Adda whenever you have a query.