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Last Shelter Survival: How To Increase Combat Power

Apply these methods to increase CP in LSS

Combat Power is your base’s overall strength. And it can be more or less depending on what you are investing your time on. Such as, if your primary focus is on research, you might not see much difference in CP, but it will have a long-term effect. Accordingly, what else will help to increase your Combat Power is covered in this Last Shelter Survival guide.

How to Increase Combat Power in Last Shelter Survival

Increase Combat Power In Last Shelter Survival

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Depending on your level and base development, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to increase CP. Three main factors are your troop’s power, heroes’ strength, and research. Let us now learn about them in detail.

Train Troops

If you are aiming to increase CP fast, the best way is to train a good number of high-level troops and use speed up to fasten the process. But this is only recommended if you have abundant resources and speed-ups. Because exhausting all your items in one place might increase your CP, but it will hinder your base’s overall development and sometimes safety.

Upgrade Heroes

There are a few types of Heroes in the game. Combat is one of them. You can fulfill and unlock Combat heroes and then work on their upgrade side by side with research and troop training. You can focus on one or two heroes at a time, to increase your efficiency and power without putting pressure on resources.

Utilize Research

Research plays a crucial role in any build and battle game, as it increases your base’s power permanently. You can maximize your Medical, Basic Military, Elie Military, Basic Combat, Shooter Training, Vehicle Training, fighter Training, Defense Queue, and Master City Defense research.

That’s all on how to increase your Combat Power in Last Shelter Survival. Since you are here, skim through our guides and read how to delete and create a farm account in LSS.