All CODM Operator Skills (November 2022)

All CODM Operator Skills explained!

Call of duty Mobile (CODM) is one of the best first-person shooter games played and loved by gamers across the world. The game is full of action and has plenty of characters, weapons, skins, and features that will give you a vibe of a warzone. The game can be played both solos or multiplayer with friends and there is a special set of skills and abilities for individual modes.

Call Of Duty Mobile multiplayer mode has a special ability for players that they can unlock to enhance their performance. In this article, we will talk about the special ‘Operator Skills’ in CODM that will help you win more matches like a pro!

So without any further ad, let us get started with it!

What Are Operator Skills In CODM?

Operator skills are special skills in CODM that can be unlocked and used to enhance your performance in the game. There are a total of 20 operator skills unlocked so far and can be unlocked by completing small tasks and quests.

These operator skills are small pieces of equipment that players can attach to their weapons during matches with just one click and get extra points from every kill and match. The scoring system for Operator skills is indirectly dependent on the number of kills (KD Ratio) and the player’s overall rank in CODM.

Each skill has its all benefits and can help you play like a pro sliding some extra points in your account. Refer to the list of Operator skills mentioned below and unlock the best one that will help you get maximum kills in the game.

Call Of Duty Mobile — List Of All Operator Skills

1. Annihilator

Annihilator is a specialized weapon to get one-shot kills. It deals maximum damage to all your enemies and can be unlocked for 2000 credits from the store.

CODM Operator Skills

2. Ballistic Shield

This can be used with an automatic machine pistol and is available for free. It belongs to the specialist weapon class and can be repaired for 250-1500 points.

CODM Operator Skills

3. Barricade

Barricade is available once you cross level 50 in Call Of Duty Mobile and can be used as a shield during matches to save yourself from enemy bullets.

CODM Operator Skills

4. Bull Charge

This is a Payload in CODM that is unlocked at level 7 for free. It is mainly used as a shield when you charge towards your opponent in the match.

CODM Operator Skills

5. Death Machine

It is unlocked at level 1 for free, has a very good Rate of fire and Reload speed. It is best used for long-range and to deal high damage to the enemy.

CODM Operator Skills

6. Equalizer

The equalizer is a heavy class weapon in Call of Duty and it has 55 rounds of the magazine. It is unlocked by default and has an automatic mode of fire.

CODM Operator Skills

7. Gravity Spikes

It deals 500-300 damage and has a maximum of 1 ammunition with Single-Use Fire Mode.

8. Gravity Vortex Gun

Gravity Vortex gun falls in Heavy weapon class and has 2 projectile magazines. It is unlocked at level 21 and is semi-automatic.

CODM Operator Skills

9. H.I.V.E.

This is one of the best operator skills in CODM used to deploy 3 or more pods. It is semi-automatic and deals enough damage.

CODM Operator Skills

10. K9-Unit

K9-unit is a special dog that spawn when requires and kill enemies with one bite

CODM Operator Skills

11. Kinetic Armor

It is a cool blue bulletproof jacket in CODM. It is an armor that protects you by deflecting all the bullets.

CODM Operator Skills

12. MORS

MORS stands for Military Operated Rail Sniper and is a single shot sniper rifle in CODM.

CODM Operator Skills

13. Munitions Box

This is used to give magazines to your teammates during matches. It is a Field Upgrade type of operator skill in CODM.

CODM Operator Skills

14. Purifier

Purifire deals 35 damage and has very low recoil. It releases hot fire that kills all enemies in front of you.

CODM Operator Skills

15. Shadow Blade

This is a specialist weapon type of operator skill in CODM and it was added in the game in season 8’s Forge update.

CODM Operator Skills

16. Sparrow

Sparrow is a bow weapon in CODM that has 10 arrows and is a single-shot weapon in CODM.

CODM Operator Skills

17. TAK-5

TAK stands for Triage Activation Kit. It has no range limit and works through walls in the game.

CODM Operator Skills

18. Tempest

This is a special weapon that fires electric bolts dealing high damage to the enemies. It is unlocked for free but has very low recoil.

CODM Operator Skills

19. Tracker Rifle

Tracker Rifle is an operator skill that is very much similar to M4. It has high accuracy.

CODM Operator Skills

20. War Machine

The war machine is a grenade launcher in Call Of Duty Mobile. It’s a special class operator skill and has double action Fire Mode.

CODM Operator Skills

This is our complete list of all the operator skills in CODM. While you are here click on the link and have a look at more articles on Call Of Duty for all the tips and tricks in the game.